Sunday, 16 June 2013

S'more s'mores? Yes indeed

I was sure when writing this post that I would have talked about s'mores loads on the blog - but in actual fact, the only post where I've labelled them is the one from earlier this week - the no cook version for when a fire isn't practical. 

S'mores for those not in the know (where have you been?) are a wonderful invention - their name a contraction of 'some more' Guides and scouts across the years have made and loved these. Marshmallows, toasted over a fire are squashed between two Graham crackers and squares of chocolate in a wonderful combination of biscuit, chocolate and gooey marshmallow-ness (it's a word). The closest thing in the UK to Graham crackers are digestives. We usually buy basics milk chocolate digestives and skip the square of chocolate. 

They're a fantastic introduction to campfire cooking - they get Guides introduced to being around a fire safely and are a firm favourite of our unit. I can guarantee if we're cooking the girls will beg, plead and insist we finish up with s'mores. And who are we to argue! Brownies or Guides without an outdoor space could do these over a disposable barbecue, or even over tea lights. I use kebab sticks usually and if I'm worried about them burning, soak them beforehand.

A few months back we picked up some waffle ice cream cones in the pound shop. You know how you do - just in case they'll be useful. In fact I think they were intended as witches hats for our cauldron cakes. They were lying around in our den and one evening in a fit of inspiration we took them out to use with our patrol fires.

Ice cream cone s'mores

Waffle ice cream cones (check out the pound shop)
Chocolate (unsurprisingly we used basics)
Tin foil

You could also add chopped up bananas if you wanted to

Stuff each cone with 2-3 marshmallows and squares of chocolate
Wrap in a double layer of tin foil
Cook in the embers of the fire for 5 minutes or so

Eat, messily. And imagine just how amazing they would be if you had vanilla ice cream. Now there's a pudding for camp! 

No pictures today, not because I forgot the camera or left my phone uncharged, but because they were GONE when I got out after doing some Baden Powell work with our older girls. Gone! Outrageous!

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