Monday, 10 June 2013

Meal planning Monday

Well I don't know what happened - there's been this big yellow shiny thing in the sky this week. I'm not sure what it is, but it's meant I've been able to relegate my collection of cardigans and tights in favour of maxi skirts & dresses. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this phenomenon may be?

Flippancy aside. For now at least. Another busy week in the pantry - I'm doing a fair bit of around and about-ing, and M is away for a couple of days (although I'm hoping to make the most of that and have put an order in for some more perfume and some amaretto - It's Jo Malone Nectarine blossom and honey if you're reading this M). As always I'll make the most of M's absence and eat fish :-) 

Breakfasts: Yoghurt, grape nuts and fruit - I'm out of rhubarb so it'll be apples for now.

Lunches: Salad, with salmon tomorrow and Tuesday - then possibly tuna later in the week


Monday - home made smoked haddock fishcakes with broccoli

Tuesday -  Pantry pasta 

Wednesday - Risotto with bacon and mushrooms (I'm not sure if it'll work - but let's see)

Thursday - with any luck, leftovers

Friday - Pork fajitas

Saturday - I think we're out for Mum's and Noah's birthdays next weekend so I'm leaving this open for now. If we're at home I'll probably do a roast chicken at some point so that we've got a head start on next week.

Baking has been a lemon drizzle today - just a sponge on a 6:6:6:3 ratio, with the zest of two lemons in place of the vanilla. Cooked for 50 minutes at 175 degrees C and then smothered in a lemon and icing sugar glaze. Juice of 2 lemons and about 3oz of icing sugar. It's currently cooling but I have high hopes

Bread this week is the Paul Hollywood bloomer again, but it's gone a bit splodgy as I didn't shape it very well. 

That's it - pop back next week for a quiet week as M's in Le Mans and as we know my approach to eating alone can be summed up in two words. Marmite. Toast. 

Don't forget to pop over to At Home with Mrs M to see what the other meal planners have in store this week.

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