Monday, 3 June 2013

Meal Planning Monday: trying to empty the freezer

I'm  a bit late to my spring cleaning this year for a multitude of reasons - however, I'm doing it now. Of course defrosting the freezer is on there, and we're trying to eat it down to make that easier and also to get rid of some of the things that I think have been in there since we moved. 

Breakfasts: You can tell it's warmer as I'm on fruit, yoghurt and grape nuts

Lunches: Salad - last week with smoked mackerel, this week with tuna mixed up with fat free fromage frais. 

Baking: I made some squishy oatmeal and tea soaked cinammon raisin cookies on Friday, but startlingly, there seem to be none left. At the moment this means we're bake-less but I'm sure I'll rectify that presently.


Monday: Baked, barbecue chicken wings with salad and sweet potatoes

Tuesday: M is in charge... 

Wednesday: Courgetti spaghetti

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: M's away so fish for me. Probably en papillote if I'm being fancy, but in reality steamed in parchment with lemon and rosemary. With salad I suspect.

Saturday: I'm at Brownie revels all day so takeaway curry

Sunday: Leftover curry

So that's us - a quick and simple week in the Pantry. Hop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to

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