Monday, 24 June 2013

Meal planning Monday - ships that pass in the night

Well it's that time again *blithely ignores the lack of planning the last few weeks* Ahem. This week is at best annoying and at worst upsetting. As M proceeds home tomorrow, I head off for my week working away. Which I love - I get to be on the South coast and the weather forecast is good. But I haven't seen M for a week now. Still, there's no use complaining, such is life. 

I think I've mentioned previously that M isn't a fan of cooking. Food is fuel to him so I've tried to leave him food for the week that's quick and easy for when he gets distracted by leads, or the cricket, or the rugby. 

Breakfasts - as I'm away, it'll be poached or scrambled eggs on wholewheat toast

Lunches - a bit of an ongoing battle to remind myself to make time to eat when I'm training. There is a sandwich shop near where I train so I will do my utmost to make myself. 

Snacks - normal fruit and lots of water

Baking - I meant to bake a fruit cake today, but have barely stopped so we are cakeless this week. Sad times. 


Monday: I normally pick up a salad in M&S for supper on my first night away. M will be nomming en route

Tuesday: Something salady for me. There's courgetti spaghetti in the freezer for M

Wednesday: Freezer surprise for M and maybe I'll push the boat out and go to Pizza Express

Thursday: We'll be home together :-) Something quick and easy as I'm at Brownies first of all

Friday: Chicken enchiladas with salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Roast chicken, with either new potatoes and salad - or the works depending on the weather. Either way, plenty of leftovers for the week after. 

So that's us - a bit disjointed, but should see us through until the weekend. What's on your meal plan this week? 

Why not pop over to At Home with Mrs M for some nosing *ahem* inspiration

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