Monday, 18 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday: the neverending winter edition

Just to be terribly British, but isn't the weather foul? It feels like it's been winter forever and I'm tired of being cold, of being wet and therefore miserable. I've also been grumpy for what seems like forever - I'm blaming it on a lack of vitamin D so hopefully once Spring, well, springs, things should improve. 

We've not got such a busy week as usual planned, the usual Welsh, archery, Brownies and Guides, but those aside... fairly quiet. Hopefully it'll help us stay on top of the housework, our sleep and health. 

Breakfasts: I've gone off poached eggs! The last two I had were tasteless and I really didn't enjoy them. So I'm back on porridge either until it warms up, or eggs seem more appealing. 

Lunches: I'm trying to eat lunch at the moment. Most typically my day is busy until about 4 when I finally stop and realise I've not eaten since about 6am, whereupon I become acutely awar I'm staaaarving and grab rubbish. I'm taking chopped carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes as I can eat them on the run. Mini babybel light also feature as do apples and satsumas. Hopefully this will help stave off the 4pm 'Must. Eat. Now' feeling.

Dinners: We had an epic roast tonight so most meals this week will be chicken based

Monday: Leftover chicken, baked potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and braised red cabbage.

Tuesday: Risotto (chicken stock is in the freezer)

I'll also strip the chicken on Tuesday and make stock out of the carcass. Any leftover meat will go into soup which will go into the freezer until next weekend. 

Wednesday: Leftover risotto

Thursday: Sausage hotpot (slow cooker)

Friday: Leftover hotpot

Saturday: Lasagne

Sunday: Leftover lasagne

All in all, not a bad week, lots of storecupboard staples being used up and using up of veg and things in the freezer. 

Seeing as I managed to remember to link up last week - I'll try and make it two in a row - pop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what all the other meal planners are up to. 

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