Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mamma mia... Mothering Sunday

It's that time of year again, and my thoughts are turning to daffodils, lighter evenings, desperately wishing of putting the thermals away and of course, Mothering Sunday.

Finding the perfect gift or something for my Mother is interminably difficult - for a while I could rely on a card and making her steak & potatoes dauphinoise. This year as I've got Church Parade I'll be sending flowers (don't worry, she doesn't read this) and making sure to call her after my charges have been dispatched back to their mothers.

Of course, if you're being traditional then it should be a simnel cake - here's my recipe that I will make at Easter too.

There are some beautiful Mother's Day gift selections out there - Not on the High Street do a lovely selection (as they do with everything, they are generally my first stop for presents). If I were a mother, then there I could have definitely worked you up a list.

However, if you've got to Wednesday without a gift then it's likely you're not going to want to chance online shopping. As always the Supermarkets are rising to the challenge and Asda kindly sent me some of their Mother's Day gifts to show you.

The heart shaped crumpets are a lovely touch, perfect if you're planning a surprise breakfast in bed (although not one with cold tea as my sister and I did before we were allowed to use the kettle!) Similarly the toast stamp looks like lots of fun.

There's very few mothers who would turn down some chocolates, and the shoes are perfectly dinky, with the chocolate slab enormous - and so pretty!

Last year after mother's day I picked up some MUM cookie cutters in the sale (every thrifty) and I think the perfect Mother's Day gift would be some MUM sugar biscuits, that you could decorate with icing and maybe her favourite colour sprinkles or sweets.

Using my recipe for my Christmas cookies, I'll be cutting them out using these cutters, and decorating them with glace icing. Now of course I just have to work out how to get them to my Mum.

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