Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February favourites

Lord how time flies! I missed January, but it's the 26th and I'm about to write up February's favourites.

A slightly random collection of food and kitcheny type things this month.

Kenwood hand blender - as I mentioned in this post, I've been making a lot of soup this month. At least one batch per week and this is indispensible in blitzing them. I'm fundamentally lazy when it comes to washing up (it's normally M's job) and the thought of having to put the whole food processor in the wash? Not so much. This is great for the job, which it does quickly, easily and only one thing to wash.

Contigo travel cup. I first saw these reviewed by Kavey the Christmas before last, and bought M one for this Christmas. I waited for him to use his first to check it was as good as I hoped and then bought myself one. Although intially gaspingly expensive it's already paid for itself by replacing the (albeit imagined) *need* to buy coffee at the station when I'm working away.

Welshcakes M's mum introduced me to these and I'm always secretly thrilled that there's a batch when we visit. I learned how to make them last year and have started making them myself now regularly as they're a fabulous lunchbox staple for M and a treat with my mid afternoon cup of tea.

Suma Pear & Apple fruit spread If I'm not having poached eggs for breakfast I have porridge - I used to top it with brown sugar and sultanas but in my bid to be slightly healthier I picked this up when we were in Swindon over Christmas. Since then I've used it pretty much every time I've had porridge and love it's intense fruity taste. I tend to add bananas too, but bananas are - bananas and don't warrant a mention.

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