Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Welsh St Valentines

Last year St Valentine's rolled around as I was newly out of hospital, newly injected in my occipital nerve and regaining both my sight and sanity following 42 days of migraine. This year is much more positive, I'm well, M and I are in our flat, and although we're short on time for anything other than work, sleeping and frantically searching for houses on rightmove, there's no doubting that there's a lot of love in our lives. I, and we are lucky. 

But we don't celebrate St Valentine's Day, M is Welsh so we celebrate St Dwynwen's instead, for me there's always roses from our local florist *big grin* . For him I aim for personalised non saccharine sweetness. More importantly we try to show we love each other every day, not just on the 25th January or the 14th February. Be it a cup of tea in bed as whoever leaves for work first goes, a cwtch after a cold, cold day, or M picking up something for dinner so that I'm not always doing dinner - we try to do kind and thoughtful things for each other whenever we can.

Today, tonight it's Brownies, and after that I'm planning on steaming, flavourful bowls of Pantry pasta - but what of Valentines? Well, between work and Brownies, I'll be dusting off my pinny and knocking together a sweet treat for M, Welshcakes. Heart shaped naturally. I'm using this recipe, but giving it a little kick. The 4oz of sultanas are soaking in an eggcupful of brandy, which I'll drain before mixing as welshcakes don't like to be too wet. I've made them previously in a non stick pan, but this time will be making them on an induction plate that M's mum gave me.

So that's us old romantics, a cup of tea on the bedside table, a bowl of pantry pasta, a cwtch on the sofa and some welshcakes. All in all my recipe for a lovely day. Enjoy your day. And if you're by yourself, I can advise making these, a big mug of tea and eating them off your knees in front of Revenge. Not that I have ever done such a thing. Ahem. At all.

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