Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Resolution revolution

I'm never sure about resolutions - in my life I have a promise that I have made and adhere too, a set of moral and ethical beliefs that I also try to adhere to. Generally I try to be a good person, but I can always be better. 

Sometimes it feels like we set New Years Resolutions in a flurry of good intentions, but don't put the support in place to enable ourselves to achieve our goals. Before you declare that you're not going to eat anything except kale until Easter, or that you'll go to the gym for 3 hours a day, just think about what you want - and what's a sensible, achievable way to get that. 

This year, I have things I am working towards - they're not new because yesterday was the first of January, but it seems a good time to formalise them: 

  • To continue on my Couch to 5km programme - as slowly as I need to. 
  • To cook and blog 3-4 new recipes a month
  • Once the Christmas cakes and biscuits are finished up, to return to my no-buy policy of sweet things and only bake them. 
  • To have one evening or day a week where I turn off the laptop and all social media to spend proper time with M
  • To continue to volunteer with GirlGuiding UK

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