Monday, 14 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday: for when your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went

The last couple of week's meal plans have been deliberately quick and easy. January being what January is, I was keen to keep it simple in the hope that straightforward eating would help manage those January blues. 

Sadly my January blues have hit full on this week. I was 'off plan' by Tuesday, it took me three days to eat a curry, I've not had a proper night's sleep all week, and my mood has dropped slowly but steadily. Today, I'm in my pyjamas watching Sunday brunch wondering just what I can cook this week to help with that. Or alternatively if I can cocoon myself in my duvet and stay there all week. 

I have a few tricks in my arsenal to manage these feelings - high doses of a Vitamin D supplement, lots of fruit and veg, and a determined approach to my running.  No one of these will make a difference, but all of them keep me distracted and enable me to keep on keeping on. 

So, this week - again, deliberately simple, healthy and hopefully enough to keep me going on. 

Breakfasts: Porridge, I've discovered a new fruity topping, which I think is going to make it into this month's favourites. 

Lunches: I'm actually out for much of the week, but am going to make a batch of Lifechanging soup today, portion it off and pop it in the freezer. I've got a pretty rubbish flask that I'm going to test out tomorrow and see if it will keep my soup hot till lunchtime. My ongoing search for a half decent flask seems never ending. Quite honestly if anyone knows of one that works would like to tell me, I'd be grateful!


Monday: Sausages with mashed or baked potatoes (depending on when I get back from Birmingham) and braised red cabbage

Tuesday: I'm working away on Tuesday so am being rescued from the perils of the Beefeater by dinner with a friend.

Wednesday: M and I are ships in the night, so he's working away. I think I'll defrost some soup and possibly make some soda bread to go with

Thursday: Brownies, so more soup I think

Friday: we're going to see M's parents this weekend, so sadly no cooking next weekend. 

Reading this, I'm pretty sure you can tell how disinterested I am in all things culinary. I'm pretty sure I'll have shrugged it off soon enough - so hopefully normal service will resume shortly. 

Don't forget to pop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week (I'm sure other meal plans will be more exciting than mine. Let's face it, it's not hard) 


The Mini Mes and Me said...

January generally does suck to be honest! I hope you find your get up and go soon lovely x

BNM said...

My get up and go is slowly getting up and leaving me this month too. Hope the food you eat helps!

Kim Carberry said...

I think if I didn't have the kids here I wouldn't cook as much...
My get up and go went last week but is slowly making it's way back to me...Hope you find some soon x

Claire said...

My kids have a tall wide thermos and that keeps things piping hot until lunch. It was about £10 from Argos.

Mrs M said...

Hope you are starting to get over the blues, January is a sucky month Thanks for linking up with #mealplanningmonday.


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