Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fabulously easy flatbread

Flatbread isn't something I've made before. Well, unless ciabatta from one of those bags of bread mix. It was over 10 years ago - give me this one! It's this month's Fresh from the Oven challenge, which isn't something I've joined in with before now but I decided I would give it a go. 

It's January and I'm trying to reduce shopping bills, so having had a look in the cupboard at my many bags of flour, and having a pot of buttermilk that should have gone into soda bread last week but didn't was pretty much decided at that point. 

There's something innately satisfying about being able to make a quick bread to go with a dinner when I realise that something is just missing. Much like my loved and easy soda bread. I nearly always have yoghurt in the fridge so even without the buttermilk would be able to make these. 

So, I went back to a scribbled recipe from a friend I used to work with. It's possibly the easiest recipe I've ever posted on here, so really anyone can try it. I made a few additions to the recipe as I am always on the quest to add flavour. 

Fabulously easy flatbread


A pot of buttermilk or Greek yoghurt
Bag of flour - I used wholewheat


Mixing bowl
Non stick frying pan
Rolling pin

Empty your buttermilk/ yoghurt from the pot into the mixing bowl. Really scrape it out
Take that pot to the sink, rinse it out with water, then use a tea towel or kitchen towel to dry it out
Fill the pot up with flour, empty into the mixing bowl
Using your hands, bring the mix together to form a ball of dough

I used a 250g pot of buttermilk and that made 10 flatbreads

And that's it! Really! Well, Ok you need to cook it. 

Take a ball of dough about the size of a small satsuma. 
Flour your surface, and rolling pin. 
Roll out the flatbread until it's really thin - about half a cm. It's a sticky dough so you may need to re dust with flour. 

Heat up your pan (no oil) until it's hot, hot, hot. Lay the flatbread on the pan and cook until you start to see the bread bubbling. Turn it over and do the same with the other side. 

And that's it - we had them with leftover turkey chilli, grated cheese and soured cream. They're flexible enough to use as a wrap, but equally work to dunk into soup, or you could even use them as an alternative pizza base.. 

I made half a batch that were plain (ostensibly for M) and half that were heavily spiked with chilli and coriander. Given M's documented dislike of coriander I didn't subject him to those ones, but I can attest to just how good the breads are when flavoured. You could easily add other spices depending on what you were serving them with. 

The only thing I would say about these is that they don't keep. They were OK the next day for lunch with my soup, but after that a bit inedible. Definitely a recipe that's better made as you need it and happily, one that's easy enough to do just that with. 


Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

I still need to do mine. I sometimes do chapatti with currys but never think of them as flatbread which seems daft really!

Penny Aylwin said...

I wasn't sure if they were to be honest, but I really love them especially when they're flavoured. The coriander and chilli were great with the leftover turkey chilli.

Wren said...

Sounds wonderfully easy. Can I just ask what sort of flour you use? I know you specified that you used wholewheat, but is it plain/sr/strong...

Penny Aylwin said...

Hi Wren,

It's just bog standard wholewheat - so it'll be plain. Hope that helps

Julie bohomumma said...

wow, I can hardly believe that it is really that easy!! I know what we'll be trying out soon - what a great idea


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