Sunday, 23 December 2012

Meal Planning Monday: The leftovers edition

Ok, so it's not a proper meal plan as such - more a round up of what to do with your leftover turkey. I've trawled the blog for ideas that you could replace chicken with turkey and the ones I like are listed here.

My Dad's chicken curry (obviously with turkey) - quick, easy and the only extra ingredients you need are some spinach, and tomatoes which are easy enough to chuck in your trolley on that last run round. 

Butternut squash, barley and chicken casserole: one you can put in the slow cooker and leave be all day

Chicken and mushroom risotto: remember you can add any veggies to this, and could even stir in some leftover shredded sprouts towards the end

Turkey soup - made with homemade stock. Again bulk out with any veggies you have, dried peas, beans or lentils

Turkey surprise pie: You can add any leftover ham you've got knocking around to this. Also, just use shop bought puff pastry. There is no point at this time of year in fretting over your own. 

Turkey and sweet leek pie: This is the original recipe for turkey surprise pie - minus leftover veggies, ham (and any other fillers you've got!)

Also don't forget yesterday's turkey chilli, which you can wrap in tortillas, have in a big bowl that people help themselves to with rice, taco shells, cornbread, or as M did when I was poorly a bowl of tortilla chips

Coming up tomorrow (if it works) turkey carnitas

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