Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Dear Father Christmas...

Things here have been a bit chaotic over the last week, so I'm horribly behind on posts and thought it was time to remedy that. So I'm home, bathed and in pyjamas (don't ask the time) Big Bang Theory is on, and I thought I'd hold back on the early night to a socially acceptable time and try and do some writing. 

I'm starting with the easy post... the Christmas list.

Dear Father Christmas, 

I've been a very good girl this year, I've continued volunteering, worked hard, and haven't lost my temper with any of the people on the tube who sniff and don't use a hanky. I've also done everyone else's Christmas shopping already, so it must be OK to write you a little list now. Please?

Lakeland's Victoria surprise cake tins - I really like the idea of the filling being neatly hidden sometimes so would love these.

Of course I 'need' a new cookbook, and having caught some of the programmes I would like to try out Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

I smashed some of my everyday crockery while my wrist was in plaster, and have decided that instead of replacing the whole set, am going to try mixing and matching it up. So I've had my eye on these bowls from Cath Kidston

As I've mentioned briefly on the blog I've taken up running. Well, it's probably not fast enough to be called proper running, but I'm going and not stopping for 36 minutes most recently and I think that's what counts. However, I'm running in yoga trousers, so would like some running legging type things. Maybe like this? That said, I'm happy to carry on in said yoga trousers, this is just a wish list Father Christmas - I'd actually prefer a bit more daylight so that I can run outside again.

And finally Father Christmas, some things to help me see in the New Year in a pretty, girly way - not my usual sweaty, mucky pinny and slightly flustered state

A really beautiful scented candle - I bought some cheap ones recently which barely made any impression on me, much less the room as a whole. I've been trawling the net, and have found what sounds like the most stunning scent from Neom Organics I'm justifying the astronomical cost as some of the money goes to charity. That makes it OK? Doesn't it? Doesn't it? Ok... you can go back to the supermarket Santa

Other than that Father Christmas, a healthy and happy family. To continue to spend time with M, and of course my wonderful nephew (his Mum and Gran aren't bad to spend time with either). 

I hope you enjoy the mince pies (I made them myself, post here

Lots of love


PS - have you seen my Nigella measuring teaspoon anywhere on your travels? It's gone walkies and I can't find it! 

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Unknown said...

I love those Cath Kidston bowls!

Happy Christmas xx


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