Monday, 12 November 2012

Meal Planning Monday: Betwixt and between

I'm sure I've used that title before, so apologies. I'm seriously lacking in inspiration and motivation this week, having just returned from a Guide sleepover and now having two day trips; to Birmingham and Swindon before I can give into the fluey bug thing and rest. However this week will be ended by pack holiday with the Brownies so there really is no rest for the wicked. 

With such a busy week ahead I hope you can spare my blushes with this meal plan as I am sat here, pyjama-ed up at 5pm, waiting to order takeaway, and fall into bed. Contrary to expectations the 17 girls were asleep by half 10ish, us leaders on the other hand were shivering into the wee small hours as there was no heating in our room. Apparently M says I was still shivering in church this morning. Yes, that cold. 

Breakfasts: Porridge, I should stew some fruit to go with, but I can't move, much less deal with fruit. 

Lunches: Soup, the kind from tins most probably. If I can build up some getupandgo I will make Nigella's Split pea and frankfurter soup, but at the moment that's not looking entirely likely.


Monday - M is at Welsh, so Pantry pasta I think. I always have the makings of this in the cupboard. Always.

Tuesday - I'm out at an Asda wine event, so am going to get M out some extra bolognaise I made on Friday. 

Wednesday - our night in together. Sausage hotpot. A student staple of mine, it was actually the first thing I 'taught' someone else to cook. I have some good quality pork sausages that I think will do well. I'm going to try doing it in the slow cooker and will report back. 

Thursday - with any luck, leftover hotpot. If we have no luck then freezer surprise. 

Friday - I suspect I'll be tucking into fish fingers, oven chips and baked beans with 20 very excited 7 year olds. Wish me luck. 

A non thrilling week in the Pantry for which I apologise profusely. Hopefully next week will be better - not least as I'm doing something special for Stir up Sunday *squee* Be sure to hop over to At Home with Mrs M and see what everyone else is up to. Happy meal planning all. 

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