Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Special K Cracker crisps: A quick review and giveaway

Apologies for the stock image, I am missing one camera lead, presumed eaten by the house. Somewhere

Normally when I'm offered things to review I humm and haww a bit before deciding, and very often end up tweeting about them rather than writing a full post. I also don't review them if they dissapoint me, this is my little corner of the interwebs and I don't think there's any need to be unkind. Even if reading the calorie content of your product makes me faint a bit.

Since last year I've had a thing about crunchy foods (no, I don't know why either) it seems my sweet tooth has been replaced with age by a savoury one, and nuts and crisps are my go-to snacks of choice. However since the healthy eating and exercise started I've been trying to move away from those kinds of snacks - carrots have a pleasing crunch although not the salt content.

It was in this frame of mind that I took up the offer of trying out some Special K cracker crisps, hoping that if I didn't look too closely at the ingredients that they might prove to be a panacea for my crunch and salt needs. Well, I'm pleased to say they did. I tried the sweet chilli flavour, which were definitely crunchy, and reminiscent in texture of French fry crisps (can you still get those?) but with infinitely more flavour than I remember that lunchbox staple having. They were very moreish, and I have to say, the listing on the box that said that I could eat 21 for 100 calories was slightly ignored. OK, very ignored. And I although that was my only issue,  they do come individually bagged in 100 calorie portion packs - so that I would have stopped at 21. The big box was definitely my downfall. Willpower not being a strength of mine, especially where crunchy snacks are concerned.

If you're dieting and in need of that crisp type fix, these are definitely worth a shot. Yes, I know that carrots are infinitely less calories, but flavour wise these were really good. And they didn't taste like they were low calorie. Although as I ate so many I think that is perhaps moot. Definitely worth a try for a Saturday night in watching Strictly.

I've been given the opportunity for 3 readers to win a box of each of the flavours of these crisps. The flavours are:

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar
Sweet chilli
Sour cream and onion flavours

I would definitely like to try the sea salt and balsamic vinegar flavour, although I may need to delve into the depths for some willpower.

To enter for your chance to win, just complete the Rafflecopter widget below.

  • This competition is only open to UK Mainland residents
  • You need to be 18 or over to enter
  • Read all the instructions above - they are part of these terms and conditions
  • I will check all entries, I am a Guider please don't try and pull a fast one. If you cheat I will disqualify all your entries
  • This is being hosted on behalf of Mischief who are responsible for sending out the prizes - to do this you will need to confirm your contact details
  • The decision about who wins is final. No discussion will be entered into
  • There is no cash alternative to the prize
  • As mentioned above, the prize is offered in good faith but equal or similar value substitutions may be made by Mischief if items are unavailable.
  • Winners are picked by Rafflecopter, who use random.org to generate that information
  • If you don't claim your prize within 7 days another winner will be chosen.


Unknown said...

Sweet chilli

Unknown said...

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar

Lyn B said...

Sweet chilli!

Unknown said...

Sour cream and onion flavours

sarahlouisa said...

Sour cream and onion

tocreviews said...

Sea salt and balsamic vinegar look lovely


Tiffany Oconnell

Chrissie said...

Sour Cream and Onion. xxx

Unknown said...

sweet chilli


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