Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Quick update: Turkey burger weirdness defeated

Remember these? From this post

Well, as per this week's meal plan I tried them again. Almost exactly the same except I added a dessert spoon of oil to the turkey mix and fried them in a non stick pan with a spray or two of Fry light. 

Fried for about 8 minutes per side (I cut one in half to check it was cooked through) they were perfectly cooked through and not at all dry. Whilst M still isn't going to go near them because of the coriander, they were far more to my taste. I had them by themselves - although I had planned to have them with veggies. Honestly, after a day of waiting around I just couldn't be bothered. 

In summary, add that extra desert spoon of unflavoured oil to your turkey mix, fry don't bake, and don't serve to people who loathe coriander. Job done. A success all around. 

I do love it when a plan comes together. 

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