Monday, 10 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday: the where is the time going?

So yes, it's September already? Where did the summer go to? Well it passed by in an Olympic and Paralympic filled haze - at once glued to the television aware that the short bursts of glorious weather were passing me by while I was either ensconced in darkened training rooms, or pinned to my television desperately squeaking "come on Weir*!" (delete and swap in Olympian/ Paralympian of your choice* 

Excitingly I've spent much of this weekend with my nose in a technology magazine trying to decide between tablets. I save up my £2 coins and have saved enough to splurge on a tablet, which is not bad timing as my own laptop is trying to exit stage left. It's only keeping going by regularly looking at websites with new laptops on them. I work on the basis that it has the same effect as going to cut your hair - y'know when your until then straggly and frizzy hair somehow turns into a shiny and flicky hairdo, worthy of an advert. So, yes I'm forcing the laptop to stay working by scaring it into submission. That said, I can't carry it around with me when I'm working away and I can't use my work laptop to blog/ tweet/ waste time on you tube. Which is fair enough, but limits my ways of relaxing/ spending my time effectively and means that aside from some yoga I find myself pacing my hotel room, desperate to do something but horribly limited owing to not drying. So yes, I'm looking for a tablet that will hopefully perk up those evenings. 

This week is another of those - I'm working away so it's somewhat disrupted and fragmented. Fortunately I had a good weekend of cooking so have some posts in my pocket to upload whilst I'm away. 

So here we have it - Meal planning Monday

Breakfasts: When I'm at home, yoghurt, grape nuts and fruit. When I'm away, fruit and a coffee. 

Lunch: At the moment salads and fruit, but as the weather starts to turn, the flask will come out of hiding and soups will start again! Hurrah for soup!


Monday: Probably an M&S salad/ sandwich and fruit

Tuesday: Some kind of salady/ or pasta thing

Wednesday: Whichever of the above I didn't have the night before

Thursday: I'm at HOME! Hurrah, and it's Brownies. Also Hurrah! So Thursday is a generally good day. It may well end up that I just have toast for tea, as you can when you're at home :-)

Friday: We're at Mark's parents this weekend for the Newbury show, which I really, really enjoyed last year and I'm excited about as not only is it generally lovely with craft and food tents aplenty but it also marks the beginning of my Christmas shopping (although I've already started my Christmas making) 

So that's me this week - I've left M with pasta and sauce, and Sweet and Sour chicken for while I'm away - I'm just so thoughtful that way. 

That's this week. Busy, busy, busy, buzz, buzz, buzz. Be sure to hop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to. 

And one last thing - have you entered the giveaway for the £50 of Asda vouchers, it ends this week so don't miss your chance to win. 

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