Monday, 17 September 2012

Meal Planning Monday: The 'All by myself' edition

Well, last week's done with, we're back from the Newbury Show, and I'm sat in the hospital waiting for my occipital nerve blocker as the weekend was bookended by migraines. Learning to live with chronic migraine is definitely taking some getting used to but the injections are definitely helping. I'm typing this whist glaring at my specialist's door, willing it to open and for him to call me in. *uses mind power* 

So Meal Planning Monday, M's working in Scotland this week so as the subtitle to this post suggests I'm home alone doing meals for one. I say this like it's a bad thing, but it means I get to eat buckets of fish, and lots of things with coriander in. Mind you, it's my cousin's wedding in three weeks so I'm trying not to eat too much of anything in a bid to fit back into a dress as otherwise I'll be going in jeans and a jumper. It's weird that I've lost a significant amount of weight, but I'm more aware of my size now than I was before. It makes no sense. 

Right, so unsurprisingly breakfasts are yoghurt, grape nuts and fruit (as soon as it cools enough that'll be porridge and fruit - I know I'm epically dull where breakfasts are concerned)

Lunches - the last few weeks I've been slack about lunches so I'm going to try and remember to eat during the day as I'm sure as it's not good for me to be solely fuelled by coffee. I keep saying I'll eat salads but I'm really not enjoying them now the weather's got cooler, so tonight's adventures will hopefully include making a batch of fridge bottom soup. Now I just need a decent thermos for them to go in. Suggestions? 


Monday: I'm going to revisit the disastrous Thai style turkey burger thingies. This time with the addition of sweet chilli sauce and a tablespoon or so of oil. I'm going to have these with some stir fried spinach and a selection of 'fridge bottom' veg.

Tuesday: Guides tomorrow so although my natural inclination is to skip dinner I will have some grilled fish - a white fish I think (not Pollock - cousin Mark will be pleased to hear) cooked in a foil parcel with soy, chilli and sherry, and some steamed spinach and runner beans

Wednesday: More fish, this time grilled mackerel I think. Loosely based around the recipe I've linked to, so with some horseradish and beetroot in a salady type affair. 

I'll blog both of those dishes - with some fishy type tips. 

Thursday: Brownies, but M is home so our Farmers choice sausages with runner beans and baked potatoes

Friday: I picked up some amazing chorizo at the Newbury show (I could have bought loads but was so so restrained) so Chorizo and butternut squash chilli as that'll give us leftovers for Saturday.

Saturday: Chorizo and butternut squash chilli leftovers

Sunday: Roast beef I think - see my Farmers Choice post that should go up on Wednesday(ish)

So that's us this week, a bit haphazard, and relatively diet orientated. But with any luck - three weeks of this and running and the teal dress will fit beautifully (she says with fingers crossed)

On the plus side, the only shopping I need to do is for some coriander, sweet chilli sauce and fish. A cheap week for me, so not too shabby. 

 Pop on over for further inspiration for your weekly meal plan to At Home with Mrs M, and see you next week. 

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Nicola said...

I just wanted to get in touch to say that I have chronic migraine too, but sadly the Occipital Nerve Block injections don't work for me. I'm trying different medications at the moment and it's tough, so I know how you feel, esp when you only get to see a consultant once every six months. I found your blog through Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky thing and it's nice to find other people in a similar situation.


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