Monday, 27 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday: The edition for M's eyes only

Not in a filthy way you understand, but I'm not here for most of the week - banished to the South Coast leaving M to entertain himself and start a new job. It's rubbish when dates like that don't match up, but what can you do.

This weekend was intended to be another quiet one, but a hugely successful archery event at M's club, a visit to the Proms tonight, moving furniture for Mum, and lots of pottering in the kitchen have meant that this last of the summer bank holiday weekends has flown past. I'm hoping that it doesn't usher autumn in too quickly as I've just started enjoying the sunshine.

I'm installed on the sofa at present enjoying Sense & Sensibility before we head off into town, and despite not being the person installed at the cooker this week I didn't want to not submit my meal plan.

Breakfasts: Yoghurt & fruit for me. Buckets of tea and coffee as always.

Lunches: M will be having - sandwiches, crisps, cereal bars, dried fruit, cheese, banana and coke. I'm training so salad and fruit for me.


Monday: Tonight we're out and I'm supposed to be finding somewhere for us to have tea, not watching what the Dashwood sisters get up to next. Oops.

Tuesday: Sweet and sour chicken with rice. I made this last week to a recipe another Guider taught me as it's a quick camp cook. Leftovers went in the freezer.

Wednesday: Courgetti spaghetti - frozen leftovers again.

Thursday: The last portion of sweet and sour chicken with rice

Friday: I'm hoping not to be back too late from Poole, as we're going to fit in a food shop - so whatever we see there. Something quick and easy I hope.

Saturday: This is where inspiration abandons me. I'm not sure what we have planned - if it's just a pottery day or a 'here's our list of all the many, many things to do' day.

Sunday: A roast dinner I think - either beef, chicken or pork - I shall see what's in stock at the butchers

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The Mini Mes and Me said...

I love sweet and sour chicken, delicious. Have a great week and good luck to your Mr with the new job x


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