Monday, 9 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday: the Moving too fast edition

With thanks to Jason Robert Brown for the inspiration for this week's title. So it's that time of the week again in which I studiously ignore the lack of last week's post and focus on looking forwards. Moving forwards if you will. Did I mention we have a flat? A flat for us! It has a spare bedroom, which will have an actual bed in it - Hi Lauren! And we went to visit it on Saturday in case it had missed us between then and Tuesday, because - you know, it might?

I love it. If I were thirteen I would heart it muchly <3 See, I'm down with the kids. Innit.

Where was I, oh yes, new flats. Sadly there's no reason to buy beautiful curtains as it has blinds. Blinds! I hate cleaning them, and I had my heart set on some pretty curtains. Or material with which to make curtains. Cause I'm crafty and stuff. Also it has carpet, which is odd as I will have no use for my assortment of laminate floor cleaning doodads (that's a technical term I'll have you know) However, prettiness! Cath Kidston! Ditsy florals! And other such exclamations. We're not moving for at least three weeks, so I apologise in advance for increasing levels of both stress and excitement. You would think it couldn't get much worse than this proliferation of exclamation marks, but oh yes it can. And will. I think that's a foregone conclusion.

So, meal planning. Erm well... yes. Let's get on with the matter at hand shall we? Ignoring the fact that I've not done a food shop since? Before holiday I think. Well, it makes sense to clear down the cupboards and freezer (although to be honest I feel like I've been doing that permanently since we decided to move and I have decided that the stuff in there? It's breeding. Just to spite me you understand).

Breakfasts: I'm on a bit of a yoghurt kick at the moment, the Tesco variation on Muller lights to be exact, and although not quite as yummy as my beloved Total Greek, I'm enjoying them nonetheless. I add a sprinkle of grape nuts on top, and stir those through for some added crunch. A banana is thrown into the mix along with my usual tea.

Lunches: You may be pleased to hear that I'm back on the lunch wagon (as it were) Proper lunches; tuna pasta salad, ham salad, cold nasi goreng. The list goes on. I have this, some mini Babybel lights, and fruit along with buckets of water throughout the day and am feeling much better. I have more energy and my get up and gone seems to have returned. It's all very basic, sensible stuff, but making time for lunch and eating it has made a huge difference.

And now for the main event - dinners. This week is one of my away weeks - I'm in Newbury on Monday and Tuesday, so will be sampling the local delights. Recommendations of places to go on foot, within a £15 meal allowance gratefully received.

Wednesday: M has picked to have takeaway and with much muttering (did you hear it? No, me either!) from me, I've capitulated. It's a hard life. I'm hoping he picks Chinese.

Thursday: M's working nights - the reason we're moving in together is so that we do actually see each other when we're awake. We've taken to taking phone pictures of the other one asleep in the mornings to remind us what we look like. And you think I'm joking.  So, devastated as I am that he won't be there (no, really I never sleep well when he's not here) I'm going to indulge myself in something he doesn't like, have a favourite meal of mine, and the first in my Fish and Family series. I'm just going to fillet and cook mackerel with garlic and bay and serve it with a beetroot heavy salad and a let down dressing of horseradish (weather permitting of course). Remind me and I'll take pictures of the filleting - actually if I'm home alone I don't think that's possible, I won't have enough hands. I'll think about it, see what wonders of modern technology I can use. No I'm not videoing it. No-one deserves to have me teach them how to fillet mackerel. Really.

Friday: We actually don't have any plans next weekend. This is unheard of in our house, and will provide (amidst the packing of course) some much needed respite from work, and house moving stresses. So the plan for Friday is a relatively straightforward supper - if we have the weather for it, I may fire up one of the disposable BBQs and do some bratwurst with salady bits for me, and baked potatoes for M.

Saturday: Well, when I say no plans, I mean no plans except... Proms tickets! Squee! I'm thinking I might take M to the Brindisa in South Ken that we went to on one of our first dates. Our first date was actually to a Prom.

Sunday: As it'll be another busy week (when isn't it?) with moving and whatnot, something tells me a lie in, followed by bacon sandwiches and builders' tea will be required. And then roast chicken, with necessary trimmings in order to provide us with an easy week of leftovers.

So there you have it: Meal Planning Monday - Pantry style

In terms of shopping I actually do need to bite the bullet and go - if we're back in time from M's parents on Sunday hopefully we'll hit up Sainsburys. Oh the exciting life we do lead. Sense the tone.

Be sure to pop on over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week. You just know they're all going to have neatly typed, budgeted plans with no rambling whatsoever. Oh well, it's service as usual in the Pantry. Rambling, gin, preserves, house moves, musical theatre and now fish. Who says life is dull!

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