Monday, 16 July 2012

Meal Planning Monday: It's the final countdown...

If you're my age, I know without a doubt that you're now singing along. But it is, 5 days to go people. Five days until we move into Sin, I mean *cough* East Barnet. Together. I should just reassure you of my normalcy and point out I have lived with someone before, but it's been a while and quite frankly he wasn't M. And that's why this is so exciting, we're doing this together, working together and learning to comprimise and share, together. I can share, obviously - but a few years of being able to be relatively selfish have meant that comprimise isn't always my go-to behaviour. And whereas in the past I've allowed people to walk all over me, I don't do that anymore. So it's all new, all scary in the world of Penelope and her Pantry right now.

I'm sat here today, picking at a bowl of grapes and trying to work out what to write, Accu Broadway is on in the background, courtesy of some technical contraption that I can't work, but am growing to adore owing to the fact that it's pre-programmed to the aforementioned internet radio station because I love it. And much like I try to teach and support my Brownies to understand, it's all about thinking about another person before yourself. There's also a car shaped balloon in my peripheral vision (well in the bit of it that still works).

Anyway, so this week's meanderings, seemingly devoid of exclamation marks and excited ramblings still lead on to a meal plan. Quite a clever meal plan, deliberately planned and chosen to make for an easy week. Bin bags and boxes litter the flat, tension headaches are popping up more than I'd like. The wheely bin is filling up fast, as is the box for the Charity shop. Cancer Research, I might not have been able to fit in a Race for Life this year, but have half my belongings. I haven't tackled my under bed storage yet, but the kitchen is on it's way to being done, and I even threw away a bin bag full of old Guide resources that I'm relatively sure I won't need again. The point of this ramble is that I need an easy week. I need to know that supper isn't far away - that I can grap and pack.

Breakfasts: I'm still resolutely on the yoghurt and grape nuts (Sainsbury's don't seem to do their own version of Muller lights. Sad times Sainsburys) with a banana and the ubiquitous tea. M is finishing up cereal left right and centre.

Lunches: Tuna pasta salad at the start of the week - with sweetcorn, peas, peppers, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Instead of a dressing I add some of the chipotle tabasco that I was proferred at a tube station recently. It's really good, a quick of heat, tempered with a smokey sweetness that I really like. Towards the end of the week, it'll be nasi goreng - which for me, ends up as a similar concoction that's a kind of, sort of brown rice salad, with leftover roast chicken, tofu and egg. It's dressed with soy and has the punchy flavours of chilli garlic and ginger. It's lovely hot as well as cold.

Dinners: Today we're having Roast chicken with all the trimmings, so it's a week of One Chicken Many Ways

Monday: Leftover roast chicken, stuffing, with vegetables. I'll do a baked potato for M

Tuesday: I'm taking the Guides swimming so will probably strip the chicken and make the nasi goreng earlier that day.

Wednesday: Leftover nasi goreng

Thursday: Sausages, baked sweet potato with philly light mixed into the middle, and vegetables. (I'm not being coy with the vegetables, I'm just not sure what'll be in the veg box this week)

Friday: Well Friday night I'm going to cook the pulled pork for the weekend, to keep tummies full and minds on moving, so I'm not sure at the moment. Not sure at all.

Saturday: Pulled pork, soft white rolls and coleslaw. With buckets of tea on the side. If anyone wants to volunteer muscle they are more than welcome.

Hopefully this week means that after today all I need out is my big wok type pan, and a roasting tin. Everything apart from 2 plates, knives and forks can all be packed away. Well that's the plan. Plans are good, plans work, plans stop me feeling quite so chaotic and disorganised. Even if I am. Chaotic and disorganised.

Make sure you pop over to At Home with Mrs M to see what the less chaotic and disorganised meal planners are all up to this week.

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Tinuke B said...

Oh what a busy week! I loathe moving home, always takes so much longer to pack up than it does to put things away on the other end!
Lovely menu, really enjoy pulled pork, I'll be thinking of you on Saturday lol.
Hope you have a fantastic move! xx


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