Sunday, 15 July 2012

Everybody's got to have a ... list

Have I mentioned we're moving soon? No? Are you sure? Not, here or here even? Do you even go here?

Well we are. Excited as I am. And please take the proliferation of exclamation marks in those posts as indication of just how excited that is, it does mean that I'm having to make lists. Lots of lists. And some spreadsheets. It's a geek's dream. Fifty shades for a listmaker like myself. Would it be bad form to tag this post with Fifty shades to drive some traffic? OK then *chastened* *sniggers*

So, this post is my list of things I want to bake soon. Where the recipe comes from another blogger, I've linked. Where it's an 'in my head and I kind of want to play around with it' idea it's, funnily enough, not linked.

Jules' 40 garlic clove chicken
  • This is at the top of the list because I'm going to get this done this weekend. Don't mention the amount of garlic to M. He will: Freak. Out. As he just doesn't get the effect of cooking down garlic cloves. Well, not yet anyway. With roasties (well there has to be an upside to this weather after all)
The Fabulous Baker brothers Pulled Pork
  • I heartily adore my slow roasted shoulder of pork, but wanted to try something different. On my last trip to New York *sigh* I ate pulled pork twice and loved every bite. I'm ashamed to say it's taken me this long to remember that I wanted to try making it, and remembered this recipe from the recent series on Channel 4. Again I am pretty sure that M will adore this,  moving weekend as people can make up rolls with it in as and when they want to eat. So I'll be cooking it the night before. Or something.
Also Jules' ode to Heston's Cauli Macaroni and cheese *throws diet out of the window*
  • No I'm not throwing the diet out of the window, but that doesn't mean this isn't on my list. I also know it's the work of the devil, but I'm prepared to face my demons. At least once. And then reinstate it back to the work of the devil if I don't like it. Deal?
Nigella's Dense chocolate loaf cake - I've made this previously and it's gone down really well and I want to make something nice for my colleagues for our next team meeting. I'm contemplating adding cream cheese to it in some way. Maybe through the middle or just as a frosting, sharpened somewhat with lemon juice.

 I've clipped a recipe for a black bean chilli - I normally make chilli con carne in a variation of an oldish Jamie Oliver one, but this sounded lovely - I think it was a Delicious recipe at some point, but I've scribbled on it and stuck it in to my recipes book. I think as well to go with it, I'm going to get M to make cornbread, studded with sweetcorn and maybe some green chilli.

Dhaal. My dad used to make dhaal when he - or anyone else - was poorly. It was up there with dippy eggs as a cure-all. I haven't got a recipe as such, but notes from other people's recipes and the knowledge of what I do like - garlic, ginger and chilli. And what I don't. Fenugreek I'm looking at you.

Two other mains type recipes I'm thinking about:
  • A simple seared trout recipe. I picked up some lovely trout fillets that were reduced recently and I want to blog just how quick and easy fish can be to cook. I might skin it too. Again, pictures will be included if I do.

  • Pasta al Forno - this was a recipe I got from Discover the Origin which was about PDO (Products of Designated Origin) products, that focussed on European ones. I was sad there were no English recipes in there, but the recipe I have uses Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Regianno and looked gorgeous, so I'm desperate to try it.

Something to do with the Olympic torch - we're taking the Guides and Brownies to see the torch as it travels through our town and I'd like to make something special for them. I'm thinking of frosting cupcakes in the colours of the Olympic rings, or maybe making sugar cookies and colouring icing to top them. Or something?

Bread. Ohmygoodness how I've missed making bread - I want to make milk bread again and see if I can resuscitate the starter of doom.

Preserves - the strawberry crop this year has meant that once again I've not got to go to a Pick Your Own. Never people! Never! I had a deprived childhood. And adulthood it would seem. So strawberry jam has been missed, but I'm planning to take full advantadge of the sloes, elderberries, and blackberries for gin, cordial and apple and blackberry jelly.

I want to try more flavoured alcohol, so am planning on picking up whatever Sainsos have reduced until they're as cheap as possible to add to their Basics vodka/ gin as so far it's an infallible combination.

More Fish and Family recipes. This week is mackerel, and next week is going to be poached, smoked haddock (sadly dyed). After that my plan is to improve on the horrible seafood pasta I had at ASK tonight. It won't be hard. And seafood counts as fish? Yes?

So for now that's my list... I reserve the right to add to it/ change it at any point!

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Jules said...

Loving the list! I'd never thought of raiding the reduced counter for fruit to soak in gin. Try not to think of the mac & cheese as traditional mac & cheese. More pasta with a bit of wine & shed load of cheese. Yum!


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