Sunday, 13 May 2012

Meal Planning Monday: Betwixt and between

This week is neither one thing nor the other in the Pantry. I have a four day week (Hurrah!), but am going off to Guide camp at the end of it, so need to fit in some serious baking on my down time. I'm not teaching as I was going to be down in Poole. I haven't done a food shop. And I have fruit coming out of my ears. It's all a bit disorganised really, and means that my normal tidy and calm front has slipped somewhat.

However, you do get a double whammy in the form of this Meal Planning Monday post - not just my meal plan, but the meal plan of my Guides for Guide camp this weekend. Ever wondered what your daughter eats on camp? The sort of meals you can make over an open fire? Well here you have it, the girl led, cooked on an open fire, £3 per head per day menu *drum roll*

So, this week - yes. Right. OK. Erm... ???

Breakfasts: Yoghurt and a banana for me, cereal and toast for M

Lunch: Sarnies, sausage rolls, cheese, cereal bars for M. Fruit, veggies and houmous for me. Soup if it's cold.


Monday: Chilli con carne with brown basmati rice

Tuesday: I'm at Guides so freezer surprise for M

Wednesday: Those chicken kievs I mentioned before, with veggies

Thursday: Brownies and Welsh for us, so soup for me

Friday: I'm at camp so will leave something for M (another freezer surprise I expect, shhh don't telll him)

Camp Menu - in case you're interested (as voted for by Fourth Friern Barnet Guides) is:

Friday supper: Sausages in buns/ Hot chocolate before bed

Saturday breakfast: Eggy bread and bacon/ turkey bacon, cereals, bread and jam/ peanut butter/ chocolate spread/ fruit. Fruit juice & tea to drink

Elevenses: Squash and fruit (apples, bananas, satsumas)

Lunch: Soft rolls with ham, cheese, tuna, salady vegetables (carrot, pepper, cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, lettuce), crisps, cuppa soups if it's cold, with squash to drink. Fruit and cake for pudding

Threesies (yes it's a legitimate meal): Squash and cake

Dinner: Chicken/ veg fajitas, with more veg. Angel delight with added extras (chocolate buttons, toffee peices/ banana) or fruit/ cake, with squash to drink

Supper: Hot chocolate and cake

Sunday breakfast: Sausage sandwiches, cereals, bread and jam/ peanut butter/ chocolate spread, fruit. Fruit juice and tea

Elevenses: Squash and cake

Sunday lunch: as Saturday lunch

No one EVER goes hungry on Guide camp! It's the first rule. There's always a big bowl of fruit and big jugs of water/ squash on the table in the mess tent and the girls are allowed to help themselves from at any time. If they're ever cold or hungry they know to come and find us and hot drinks and cake will be dispensed.

Cake is a big feature of Guide camp. It's in the main home-made, and is a quick way of keeping the girls going. They burn up energy like nobody's business, and eating regularly is the best way to keep them going and (my priority) keep them warm.

I'm planning on making three tray bakes: Peanut butter and jam bars, old fashioned gingerbread with lemon icing, and apple cake with a streusel topping. I'll blog the gingerbread on my return - this week, there's no chance I'll have time!

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