Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Baby, baby, baby Oh: Baby starter - week two

The eagle-eyed, and alert amongst you will have noticed that this isn't actually week two, but rather week three. Week two passed me by in a flurry of running, Guide admin, meetings and sleep in a bid to fight off a bout of sinusitis (I lost that battle).

This morning, for some reason awake and alert much earlier than I needed to be, I took the early rising as a sign and decided to feed baby starter, and start another loaf of sourdough. Honestly, I was a bit confused by the instructions on Baker and Loaf about feeding a starter you're trying to keep alive (albeit dormant in the fridge until you're ready for it) so I just went with what was in my head and followed Day four's instructions for feeding:

  • Stir in any surface liquid
  • Add 35g tepid water
  • Add 25g bread flour (strong) and stir in
Duly fed, baby starter perked up immensly and is looking remarkably healthy on the worktop. I'll leave her there till tonight - give her another stir and pop her back in the fridge.

Before I did this I took out 25g of baby starter and popped that into a bowl with (as per Day five's instructions)

  • 90g tepid water
  • 75g bread flour
Everything was stirred in, and the bowl covered in clingfilm. From what I learnt last time I will leave this for a good 24 hours to do it's thing (how incredibly technical I am). This is because I learnt last time that my flat is chilly and starter's don't like to 'do their thing' at less than 20 degrees. That said, I'm sure I can muster up some washing to tumble dry and I'll pop the bowl back in the bathroom.

I'll come back and update this post tomorrow, to let you know what I'm doing on Day 6 mark 2. I know from last time that I'll worry less about the prescribed time and let it do it's thing nice and slowly in my parky house.

*Apologies for the Justin Bieber reference. I suspect some of my Guides would be eternally proud. I'm actually despairing of myself

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