Monday, 23 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday: a thrifty week

It's a bit of an odd week in the pantry - I just don't really know what's going on. As usual I'm busy: Brownies, Guides and a catch up with a friend take out all but Monday and Friday. By the time I've added a swim imto that mix, it'll just leave Friday. At least I'm starting the week with a tidy house I guess.

I am however in need of a big shop - I've been on half pay because of the forty two day migraine of doom for a bit now, and am holding out for this payday as I'm back on full pay. Simple basics are what I'm out of: pasta, olive oil, and those other basics. That said, I've still got most of this week to get through so I'm hoping as it's veg box week, that plus freezer gubbins will do us.

More excitingly however, I have just started up a new sourdough starter - having lost Mabel, and Herman bread not quite working have meant that I've been thinking about doing this for ages. Fortuitously I popped on to twitter, and saw the hashtag #sourdoughtweetalong Run by Baker and Loaf it's a day by day guide to starting a starter. I've done Day one, and am looking forward to nurturing my new baby over the next week. Fingers crossed for some success and longevity this time!

So, onto actual meal planning.

Breakfasts for me will be fruit, or poached eggs. I'm trying to stay off the dairy products, although I have had a tiny spot of cheese today. M will have cereal and toast.

Lunches, houmous and carrot sticks for me, if the weather gets any colder I'll be raiding the freezer for soup.

So, dinners:

Monday - leftover roast pork (from the freezer) purple sprouting broccoli and some roast potatoes

Tuesday - last week's pantry pasta as I froze the leftovers

Wednesday - sausages in what I suspect is a tomato based sauce. There's some green lentils in the cupboard, so I may cook those in with both the sausages and tomato sauce.

Thursday - M is at Welsh and I'm at Brownies, so something quick and easy for me - there's a tupperware of leftover curry so I think I'll tuck into that

Friday - I have what is labelled (it's the only thing that is) as bolognaise, so that with pasta for M and just a big bowl of it for me.

We actually have no plans next weekend so I'm going to roast a chicken as I don't feel like I've had a 'proper' roast in an age, and am hoping to have some time to potter.

Baking wise: I promised M some homemade flapjacky/ granola bars for his packed lunches about a month ago, so I'm going to try and make those - possibly tomorrow after swimming.

Be sure to pop over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week

Also - this is your last call for entries to the Asda Extra Special Hamper giveaway as it closes next week.


Miss Whiplash said...

I made Herman bread too. It came out really beautifully - gorgeous light crumb and lovely soft crust but was WAY too sweet to eat - it honestly tasted more like a doughnut or something...

Penelope said...

Yes, definitely tasted doughnutty, quite quite odd.

Fingers crossed for more luck with this sourdough :)


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