Monday, 9 April 2012

Meal Planning Monday: Another four day week?!

Hello there! Well this post is late, as it's Easter Monday and I kind of forgot to plan yesterday. Oops!

Another week in the pantry and it's veg box week so we're looking forward to new supplies. Owing to an earlier migraine M is in charge of shopping, and I'm sat here under dimmed lights typing slowly with one eye shut. It's an attractive look I'm sure you'll agree.

Fortunately it's another four day week, and I'm based in the office this week so hopefully it'll be fairly straightforward.

M's mum sent us home with several margarine tubs, one of Easter cake, one of millionaire's shortbread, and one of macaroon slices (note: macaroon NOT macaron). So there's no need to bake this week.

I watched a River Cottage programme on breakfasts last night, and was shamed by M into admitting my tendency to choose an extra half hour in bed over my planned yoghurt and fruit. As I'm trying to be more healthy generally (adding exercise: swimming, walking and running last week)I thought that I should probably address this. The River Cottage programme made lots of suggestions - this week I'm going to try porridge and see how that goes. I would really like a Bircher muesli recipe, but I have a long history of utter failure with that so porridge is more likely to be successful.

Lunches will be houmous and vegetable sticks for me.

Monday:  Spaghetti carbonara

Tuesday: I'm as yet undecided - possibly Butternut squash soup, with soda bread

Wednesday: Purple sprouting broccoli, chorizo and chicken pasta (this is a Riverford recipe that I've adapted slightly so I'll blog at some point if I remember to take piccies)

Thursday: Leftovers, either soup or pasta as I'm in Swindon all day so will be tired.

Friday: I've been turning over a pasta recipe with turkey/ chicken, feta, tomatoes and parsley in my head. I'm not sure what to call it or if it'll even work, but it's there, germinating as ideas go. I'll be sure to update if it's a success, and never mention it again if it's not.

I'm hoping to spend my Saturday with my very pregnant sister - not least as she's promised to let me play with her KitchenAid! Hurrah! M thinks he will take the opportunity to go back to his parents again, so I think I might just hoick something out of the freezer.

Sunday - for once we have no plans so I'd quite like to hibernate, but I'm sure that won't be on the cards. Maybe roast chicken on the food front though so that we can have a nice, easy leftovers week next week.

So that's this week in the Pantry - posts to come on slutty brownies, and individual (if late) simnel cakes - well you can always bookmark them for next year!

Be sure to head over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to.

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