Monday, 20 February 2012

Meal Planning Monday: The Back to Work edition (take 2)

How does this post come around so regularly? Seriously I swear in my head it's only Tuesday! Anyway, last week's meal plan went well - with the exception of no steak, and extended leftovers (ever the romantic, that's me) on St Valentine's and a take-away curry that was infinitely dissapointing on my birthday - mind you, I caught a Jamie 30 minute meals today that will hopefully change my Indian meal experience (update to come soon). I changed the enchiladas to quesedillas which worked well, and did two lighter dinners for us both. 

This week, I am hoping to go back to work (yes, again - as you will have realised it didn't happen last time) and pending a check up at the doctors on Tuesday, will be resuming training detail on Wednesday. Whilst I need to check with my manager where she wants me, I'm kind of hoping I'm office based until the end of this week at least. 

M and I had a lovely dinner last night. For my birthday we went here for an amazing three course meal. I had a beautifully rare steak, with fantastic triple fried chips (a note to our waitress. Please don't remove chips from the table as soon as I put my fork down. I had my eye on them), pudding was wonderful - I went for a retro delight in the form of a lemon meringue pie, with the softest meringue I have ever eaten, which contrasted beautifully with the tart lemon inside. That, a gin and tonic, and two glasses of a fabulous sauvingon were a wonderful way to celebrate. Please don't mention my age as it sets of what Seth Rudetsky calls a 'marathon crying jag'. 

Breakfasts are porridge, I've really got back into this, and half a cup of oats really does keep me full until lunchtime and beyond. I've got more stewed fruit to use up as toppings, and some more apples to stew again. 

Lunches: Monday I have leftover Beetroot and horseradish borscht, and from then I've not really thought about it. The easy option, is of course sandwiches, but I'm trying to keep my carbs as low as possible as since coming out of hospital I feel like I've put on a fair bit of weight. My jeans still fit though, but I feel - swollen almost. I have some frozen carrots, parsnip and swede that lend themselves beautifully to soup, perhaps with a ginger hit to offset their inherent sweetness. 

Snacks: we've got the cake I made for my birthday (post coming up later this week) and some of the banana bread still to eat up, and these should keep us going throughout this week and possibly beyond. 

Monday: Sausages, Baked Potato (for M) and steamed savoy cabbage
TuesdayChicken and sweet leek pie (on request from M) more cabbage for me, and roasties for M
Wednesday: Leftovers, and M is in charge of vegetables. 
Thursday: Fish with soy and sherry, and greens
Friday: All being well, we're hoping to go away this weekend to the New Forest, so cooking is on hold. I'm hoping for a cream tea and an epic roast after some pottering. I'll come back with pictures. Promise! 

Be sure to pop over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week. 

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