Monday, 6 February 2012

Meal Planning Monday: Back to work edition

I say that, but I'm writing this following two days of a flare up/ another migraine with hideous associated sickness so we will have to wait and see. But contrary to my normal experience of long term conditions and the NHS (once again I reiterate how amazing they are in any acute or emergency situation, but in my experience chronic conditions are not their strong point) I'm finally going to be able to access a specialist and some treatment for my migraines this week. And with that I'm hoping that the one I've had since Christmas will be (finally) sent on it's way.

Last week was a good week in the Pantry, we stuck mainly to plan. Although I've had to sideline my plans for roast beef today as I've still not managed anything other than half a slice of toast (you can put your violins away, I'll live).

Monday: I don't know, I can't imagine I'll fancy much more than an omlette, but balancing that with what M will want after a day at work is tricky.

Tuesday: Leftover soup from last week, and if I get to the shops then some more soda bread as that is a lovely recipe (and I still can't knead owing to my stupid wrist)

Wednesday: Fingers crossed I'll be back at work so I'm going to simply do lefotver casserole that got frozen last week so I think we'll have that with a baked potato

Thursday: I think I'm going to grill some bacon and do a bacon and cauliflower cheese bake. I've done it in the past with good quality thick sliced ham, and it's lovely. And I think given the weather the comfort aspect will be much needed.

Friday: I'm hoping that inspiration (and my appetite) will have struck - without inspiration, possibly a pasta bake or bolognaise type affair. That said I think M might be at his parents, in which case I'll go out of my way to get some fish for steamed fish with soy and sherry and a big bowl of stir fried greens.

Baking wise: I still need to make the chocolate cake for Valentines, as well as a fruit cake for my birthday next week. The eccles cakes are a long gone memory so possibly a traybake or similar for packed lunches.

Breakfasts are more 0% fat Total Greek yoghurt and homemade granola with fruit - I used this recipe from Lavender and Loveage which is just lovely and it's telling of my appetite that I've not been picking at it as I've gone past.

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Sue said...

Glad to hear that you are on the mend now and well done for being so organised with the menu planning. I keep trying but then will suddenly be told that eldest son's girlfriend will be with us and she's vegetarian, whereas hubby and middle son protest loudly at a lack of meat! Then of course friends of the other two just seem to descend so numbers become rather variable and my original intentions tend to go out of the window (or rather to the back of the fridge)! Whilst still at work today my daughter texted to ask whether her best friend could have dinner with us "but only if it is a nice dinner"! Cheeky madam! As it was the left overs of last night's delicious steak and kidney pudding that hubby had made, she declined!!


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