Saturday, 11 February 2012

Marmalade 2011. Part two. Spiced Seville Orange and whiskey

I haven't changed the recipe I used last year at all for marmalade so this is more of a picture post today. But I thought I would add some pointers that helped me today.

When I cooked up the Sevilles I did add some spices, star anise, cloves and cinammon - just to see what difference it made. Somewhere in my head I had the idea for lightly spiced marmalade.

  • Read the recipe through properly before you start - I was using 3lb of Seville's today and got some of my proportions of ingredients wrong.
  • Don't worry if it takes longer to set that you remember/ anticipate
  • Keep stirring
  • Don't wear your pjs to make it - or at least not without a pinny
  • Don't break your wrist 3 and a half months previously and have to finely slice 3lb of orange zest with a cast on. Even if said cast is purple.
  • 3lb yielded 10 jars - make sure you sterilse enough

marmalade, Seville Orange, Instagram

marmalade, Seville Orange, Instagram

marmalade, Seville Orange, Instagram

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