Friday, 27 January 2012

Post hospital update

I'm attached to the sofa once more, laptop on, telly on - catching up on essential viewing. "The story of musicals" I'm looking at you.

Following on from my last post, I've returned home, still nursing the tail end of a migraine that had affected my occipital nerve (I think) and that was not responding to analgesia. A week of fluides and exceptional care has meant I really do feel better, even if I am still in pain and am incredibly fatigued.

Fortunately whilst I was away M stocked up the freezer with food - as a non foodie/ cook he perfers to 'throw and go' and looks for food that is unprocessed which can be cooked from the freezer. Normally I would bustle around the kitchen indignantly but I currently have neither the energy nor the inclination so will be working with those as they really are easier for us both right now.

Flavour is a huge thing for me at the moment, I feel a little like the hospital food has left a patina of flavourlessness in my system, that if I could I would scrub clean. Instead I'm trying to ensure that what I am eating is strong in flavour, be that irony spring greens from my veg box, or a bowl of Vanessa's Borscht with horseradish that I made pre hospital to use up the last of the Riverford beetroots that had been hiding in the fridge as I tried purposelessly to ignore them over Christmas. Somewhere in the bright colours, and strong flavours of the food I'm craving I am sure lies the way back to health.

Lying in my bed in hospital I was sure that I'd be well enough to bake when I went home, and was planning a sticky marmalade cake to take to the in-laws this weekend. As it is I'll be travelling up in my pyjamas and lucky if I manage to be awake whe we meet. So I'm guessing all baking exploits are on hold until I'm back on my feet a little bit more. I do have a Valentines cake up my sleeve that I was hoping to post pre St Dwynwen's day but the next week or two will do me. And then of course there's a birthday afoot... I was going to make another of Ruth's fruit cakes, but instead I've got another plan. Time and health permitting of course.

In line with a dear friend's New Year's resolution for me this will hopefully be the only hospital based post this year. Fingers crossed and all that. Onwards and upwards.

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