Saturday, 7 January 2012

Iced buns - a Tea Time Treat this weekend?

I don't normally hold with reposting, but Karen from Lavender and Lovage mentioned the Tea Time Treats challenge on Twitter, and although I'm going to make some eccles cakes tomorrow I think of these iced buns as the ultimate tea time treat - in a real regresssion to my childhood. They're also ideal as a weekend project if you want to stay in the warm, and busy yourself in this post Christmas lull.
Making the buns was straightforward, as regular readers know, I like breadmaking - I find the kneading and proving a soothing, restful process (I never said I was normal) and despite these being a fairly vigourous knead, I spent a happy afternoon pottering in the kitchen.

I love that the icing is water icing (I think the adults amongst you call it glace icing, but I call it water icing with the Brownies and so that's what we're calling it here) as it just reinforces, what a lovely, family bake these are. Kids could easily help with kneading, shaping the dough and icing the buns. It's only when you start to want to pipe the cream and jam that this becomes properly technical.

As I may have mentioned on twitter I was blown away by the evenness of my bake, and how lovely the buns looked when they came out of the oven. It was quite a pull to leave them to cool.

I used home made jam from earlier in the summer, and because I like things jammy, refrained from piping this on, instead spreading the cut inside of the bun with the warmed, fruity jam.

Because 12 buns is simply too many to have in my house at any one time, I gave 8 of these away as a Random Bake of Kindness, to my upstairs neighbours. I've saved 4 for Mark and I though. 

The recipe I used was adapted from Paul Hollywood's Iced buns - please see my updated post for my own full method. 


Kate@whatkatebaked said...

I LOVED these as a child! Infact, still do! Thank you for entering these into teatime treats!

Karen S Booth said...

These are amazing! I have always LOVED iced buns, and like you, I love making bread and these are often on the menu....yours look DELICIOUS! THANKS so muck for adding them to the January Tea Time Treats challenge.....just great!

Karen S Booth said...

TYPO! I did MEAN MUCH and not muck!


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