Monday, 26 December 2011

A quick review of Christmas dinner

We're going to be photo free in the Pantry for the next few days, as... wait for it, I have a new camera! And I've taken some pics with it, but (cleverly) came away without my laptop so have pics of my leftovers and Christmas dinner will have to wait. Sadly.

Christmas dinner was wonderful - if I do say so myself. Four empty plates, four full tummies, and dinner dished up only 5 minutes later than planned. I'm impressed. And modest. As you can probably tell.

The 'it'sjustaroast' mantra worked wonders, and I didn't get at all stressed until everything was just about done, and all needed things doing to it at once. I was very grateful for Mark's top oven, and was using both on at full capacity. However, I have to say that Mark came into his own, patiently stirring gravy and listening to occaisional outbursts of mild swearing.

I forgot to warm the plates, but other than that there were no ommisions, burnings, or otherwise disastrous occurences.

Particular successes were the roast potatoes - a dripping cup really is as good as goose fat, the stuffing, which I supplemented with sausagemeat on Christmas eve, and the veggies. Next year I would add honey to the parsnips, and maybe parboil them before roasting so that they are quicker to cook as the added sugar that will caramelise them.

The Christmas pudding was lovely, again I would do that the same, but just to my preferences omit the candied peel and sub that with extra glace cherries.

Next post will be Things to do with your leftovers. We've had turkey surprise pie today, I've made soup, and stock, and the last bit of the meat will be turned into risotto.

I hope you're having a lovely time with families, friends and loved ones.

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