Thursday, 22 December 2011

My letter to Santa...

Dear Father Christmas,

I know this is late, and you are probably packing your sleigh by now, but this month has been crazy for me (I can talk, I know) ...

This year I have been a very good girl, I have volunteered for approximately eleventymillion hours with the Brownies and Guides, started to blog regularly, been nice to M and worked hard. In case that means you're coming to my house this weekend (I have no chimney do we need to make special arrangements?) here is the list of Things I Would Like... There is Christmas cake you can help yourself to, and sherry too.

A Kenwood mixer - truth be told it's a toss up between this and a Kitchen Aid I wouldn't kick either out of bed for eating crackers.

A new pinny, I love my floral one, but have been dribbling over the Cath Kidston ones. In my ongoing bid to be a domestic goddess I feel this is only fitting.

I've been lusting after a pair of Prince Design's Lovebird Bowls for the longest while. I'm not sure whether it's the blue ones or those with hearts that I really love and they're probably a little too small to be truly useful which has left them relegated to my favourites for months.

A Lakeland preserving pan. It's such an extravagance but having taken to preserving so well this year I really would like to expand my repertoire of jams and jellies further, and although my Ikea pan really does rock I really would like a pan with a slightly sturdier bottom as I'm always living in fear of my jam catching.

I use Ikea plain storage jars for everything, dried fruit, rice and pasta, anything really that's in a packet. For years I smile every time I see an Alessi storage jar with the little man inside, but again can never justify buying myself one

Salted caramels, I would like to try these as I know I would like them. But am not sure what to try, Father Christmas I'm happy to leave the decision in your hands.

And cookbooks, how could I forget cookbooks?

Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet - I am still kicking myself for not getting a copy at Let's Make Christmas, it would have made a fantastic pressie for Mark's Mum.

Or Mary Berry's baking bible. Need I say more?

And having spotted this, and not been able to justify buying it for myself, some Marmite XO would be a-mah-zing *channels Seth* I'm a marmite aholic and suspect this would keep me in soldiers for a long time!

The usual Lush, a Naked pallette and my arm out of plaster would also be amazing. I'm not just a foodie you see, beauty and makeup always put a smile on my face.
So that's me Father Christmas, I would be a brilliantly grateful blogger

Yours, Penelope

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