Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream - Minchellas

Not making, although Mark's mum was telling me about making ice cream the other weekend - seriously she makes the best lemon flavour. Almost like a cross between lemon curd and ice cream. Just gorgeous. And that's in the face of eating her homemade Bailey's icecream. Quite, quite gorgeous. Watch this space.

It's a well known fact about these parts that ice cream is my downfall. Faced with a bowl of chips, large bars of dairy milk, or anything else and I would take the ice cream any time. It needs to be good quality, but apart from that I'm not too fussy. I have to restrict myself, not have it in the house as I will just eat it otherwise.

On the way back from Skye, we dropped in on my friend Louise, and the weather being just so balmy and sunny, with gentle sea breezes* that we had to drop by her local ice cream parlour. Decorated in a simple fifties style with pastels adorning the walls, we went to Minchellas. A South Shields institution this was amazing ice cream. The sort I remember from childhood. I had a knickerbocker glory, the layers of ice cream separated by fruit, green jelly, raspberry sauce, sprinkles and topped with whipped cream. This was lacking nothing save for a glace cherry.

Mark had a plain ice cream & smarties topped with marshmallows and a flake, and Louise had a choc nut sundae. Seriously all were amazing. Last week Louise posted me a picture of her sundae as I was missing it. Truly.

If you're in or around the South Shields area - run, don't walk to Minchellas. Ice cream as it should be.

*I may have taken artistic licence with the description of the weather. Blowing a gale, thunder, lightening, and the heaviest rain I have seen in a long while.


Jules said...

That is some amazing sundaes! I don't think I've ever eaten sundaes like that before.

Millsee85 said...

If any one does go don't forget to pick me up on the way ;-)

Anonymous said...

^ OR ME!!!!

Pen said...

They were amazing Jules - fantastic. Really tasty yet fabulously retro kitsch at the same time. My idea of heaven.


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