Monday, 8 August 2011

Meal Planning Monday: the Beefeater conundrum

It's that time of the week again, and normally I'm super excited to plan my menus and shop for Mark and I, using my veg box to ensure what we're eating is healthy, seasonal whilst enabling us to try different things. However, in contrast to my usual geeky 'what shall I cook this week?' excitement, this week and last I've been working away and owing to my inability to drive have been limited to the restaurant adjacent to the hotel. This has been my introduction to the wonderful world of the Beefeater. Now, whilst I like good food I've never thought of myself as a food snob. Until now. Which makes me sad.

I have to say that the breakfasts were great, fresh and dried fruit, yoghurt and granola were on offer as well as the more traditional cooked offerings. For me though, the former is the ideal start to the day, and pretty typical of what I have at home. Which was a promising start. If only it had been followed up on.

The menu for the Beefeater looks impressive, and the selection of grilled meat is varied. However, if you have a budget to stick to as I do, you are limited in your choices - for me, chicken seemed the best place to start. The waiter couldn't confirm if the chicken was free range, which is always a concern as I'm keen not to OK battery farmed meat by consuming it.

As I'm still dieting, I was hoping that salads or veggies would be on offer, but Beefeater it seems is all about the carbs; chips, baked potatoes, boiled potatoes. And everything was so salty. Really quite unpleasant.

Salad bowls were tiny, predominantly slightly sad lettuce and chopped onion, with a vinegary dressing and veggies just weren't on offer. The vegetarian options on the menu were predominantly cheese and pasta/ rice based and as part of my dieting I'm trying to keep carbs relatively low.  I'm hoping that this week will bring better things. Last week I tried to cram a week's veggies into Friday night dinner.  No, seriously. Fortunately I can snack on fruit during the day, but I am desperate for my usual regular intake of veggies.

It's such a shame as the idea of well cooked meat with vegetables would be terrific - ideal in fact. If they were to add in some halloumi and some more fish, and could verify the provenance of their meat I wouldn't resent paying the prices. As it is, it seems ridiculously high and underwhelms.

I won't be cooking again until Friday, this week I think I'll celebrate my weekend with roasted vegetables, couscous, feta and salad. A whole lot of salad.
Saturday M is out for the day, so I'm going to do some shopping and housework, and I think I'm going to have a bash at something along the lines of a Tom Yum soup, unless it's sweltering, then more salad will be the name of the game. Sunday I think I'm going to roast a chicken as I'm hoping to be around a bit more next week.
Hopefully everyone else's week's are more interesting than mine - don't forget to pop over to At home with Mrs M and see all the linkies.

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@FayC said...

I eat a lot for work too, and find if you explain what you want a lot of the chains, although its not strictly on the menu, will cook things for you (like a bigger salad with a grilled steak) but is dependant on the quality of the resident chef.
I too love Beefeater for breakfast, but find their evening meals aren't very dieter friendly, which is a shame. Good luck with with you week!


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