Thursday, 18 August 2011

Grazing at your desk? Offer from Groupon

A while back I reviewed my regular Graze box here A fantastic way (if you don't get sidelined like I did into the flapjacks!) to up your fresh and dried fruit intake, they are a convenient way to try a portion controlled approach to snacking healthily. If Mark were office bound I'd get them for him as he loves dried fruit, and needs a bit of a prompt to eat more fresh and this would be just the thing.

It's actually a good precursor to tomorrow's post on Nasi Goreng and packed lunches for the new academic year. Which for me is still a time for starting afresh despite being long out of school and college.

Anyway, Groupon have an offer on today for 4 Graze boxes for £5 for all new customers, which saves nearly £9. I know this isn't the sort of post I usually do, but in the interests of taking a bargain opportunity to help yourself be healthier I thought I'd post about the offer. Click here to take it up, and remember - even I could only kid myself the flapjacks were healthy for a little while!

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