Monday, 25 July 2011

Meal Planning Monday: A place to lay my head

Well it's good that my first week has gone well. Not so good that so much new information and learning to take in has meant that I'm exhausted and sleeping when I should be cooking and blogging. This is the first time in a while I've only managed one post in a week. That said, last week's meal plan went largely to, well, to plan really. At times of chaos is when I think they come into their own really, meaning that I don't have to think, to do extra shopping or even contemplate a takeaway. Although I did, seriously consider a pizza on Wednesday, but I knew that there were the delights of something in tupperware waiting for me in the fridge.

This week, now today is done, should be easier as I'm mainly London based, although I'm anticipating the tiredness from taking in so much new information will still continue. I've also got what I suspect are the beginnings of a sinus infection so am doing my damdest to keep that in check with a small case of fruit overload.

Anyway, so this week's meal plan... I'm still waiting on my first payday so the freezer is still my shopping trolley.

Monday: leftover chicken curry with brown basmati rice. This is my Dad's recipe and I really must blog it soon, I've been cooking it for years and it seriously never fails.

Tuesday: Salmon and greens (pointed cabbage this time) - an attempt to bludgeon the oncoming infection with garlic, chilli and ginger.

Wednesday: Leftovers for me, for M, sausages and wedges

Thursday: Some kind of salad I think. With griddled courgettes, mint from the plant I'm reviving and maybe some feta

Friday: If I'm back from work in time, then maybe some steak? It's something I rarely cook but we had some at a friend's barbecue this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully the butcher has something tasty in.

That all goes with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast and either fruit or salad for lunch. Yes, I'm still eating healthily, although I'm letting myself have the odd treat.

Make sure you head over to At home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week.

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