Monday, 18 July 2011

Meal planning Monday: my week as a headless chicken (not for eating either)

Hello all, I know I'm late again, I do have a(nother) good excuse, this is my first week in my new job. Truth be told I had intended to just schedule posts for this week, but last week I was ridiculously busy and disorganised and utterly failed to do that.

This week I'm not anticipating having loads of time to cook, plus being between jobs for a few weeks has meant that money is tight(er than usual), so it's a bit of an empty the freezer week in the pantry. I'm lucky in that I keep the staples for things like Pantry pasta in my storecupboard so it's not as if I'll be going hungry and I'm a thrifty soul, good at freezing my leftovers, making stock out of chicken carcasses and the like so I have a healthy freezer. It's just a case of using that up rather than making fresh.

So this is what the week looks like in the Pantry:

Monday: Leftover Broadbean risotto

Tuesday: I'm at Guides, so possibly the last of the salad in the fridge with some cheese.

Wednesday: Baked potatoes, with defrosted ratatouille and grated cheese

Thursday: Sausages, homemade potato wedges and beans

Friday: we're at M's parents this weekend so I'm not sure.

Hopefully it's a nice cheap week for the Pantry, and then we'll look at next week. My main expense this week was fruit and yoghurt for breakfasts and lunches. My aim is not to do a top up shop and ideally to only need essentials (as in milk) next week. Fingers crossed.

Be sure to pop over to At home with Mrs M to see what else everyone else is up to this week.

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