Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Take me to the world: Jess blogs me!

Not a recipe in this post, but some news and updates on life in my teeny flat of wondrousness. I've finally managed to book a veg box delivery, for next week from Riverford Organics I wanted to know where my veg and fruit were coming from and also felt slightly distanced by the big business feel of the veg box scheme I had been using, combined with getting damaged produce every week. Riverford seems a little more expensive at first glance, but I'll blog next week and let you know what I got and if it inspires me to do or try anything new.

In other news, Jess of Dreaming Wide Awake decided to try out my posh pasta sauce - the one with all the wine. And very kindly she blogged it. I had thought about asking her to do it as a guest post, but she beat me to it, her linky is here I will master every pasta till it's right.

Jess is my go to person in times of need for wine advice, working as she does for Olly Smith. The wine he recommended for the pasta sauce was a Tesco one, Tesco Finest Nero D'Avola so if you're thinking of trying out the deep winey (it's a word) deliciousness of that pasta sauce then now is a good time to do so with  an expert recommended wine.

As I'm still without a starter, I'm bread baking with yeast at the moment, and am hoping to get a loaf on for a nice slow rise tonight so M has some fresh for his sandwiches tomorrow. I think I'll also defrost some of that fridge bottom pasta sauce I turned into pizza topping a couple of weeks back, let it down with some vegetable stock and blitz it so I have soup for lunch.

And finally a bit of a teaser for you... this week will feature my first every giveaway! Make sure you're a follower for a heads up!

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