Friday, 24 June 2011

So much better: Spicy tomato lentils with sausages

It's rare that I completely screw things up in the kitchen, but it does happen. December 2000 I rushed making my first ever creme brulee and my sister got food poisoning as the eggs weren't cooked through. No one else did though I hasten to add. It took until last year sometime, for me to try anything similar with eggs. Fortunately my lime curd was a raging success, and the courgette cake it went into poisoned nobody.

Cue Friday night. I got home early and decided to start making Fuss Free Flavours Spicy tomato lentils for our dinner. I was accompanying it with sausages so that our resident carnivore didn't feel too hard done by. That, it turned out was the least of my problems. Since getting meningitis and starting to get migraines I have become really sensitive to smell just before they set in, and whilst Mark assured me that the lentils smelled lovely, something about the scent of them cooking sent me off into a chaotic tailspin, convinced I had spoiled the dish. In the face of blind panic Mark did what any sane man would do when his partner is nearing hysterics about a pan of lentils - he suggested takeaway. I left the lentils in the pan to cool, convinced I would throw them away in the morning, took a sumatriptan and went to bed.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, and the headache from the night before had passed. I studiously ignored said lentils whilst having my breakfast and at lunchtime braved opening the pan. They smelled lovely, earthy, spicy with a hint of something deeper behind them (I love how cumin can add such depth to a dish) That night, I baked the sausages (as always Sainsbury's Taste the Difference - because I really can) and had two with the spicy lentils. I thouroughly enjoyed them, I like lentils at the best of time. Their low GI and general healthiness appeals to me and they go so well lentil ragu is one of my favourite batch cooks.

I would definitely cook these again (without the migraine induced freakout) I have frozen the leftovers and will be insisting Mark tastes them for Thursday night tea as per the mealplan.

You can find the recipe here at Fuss Free Flavours, the only thing I did differently was to add broccoli as that was what I had in the fridge and needed to be used up. Obviously the original recipe doesn't suggest pairing it with sausages (neither does it suggest flipping out and getting a migraine), but I'm guessing Helen doesn't have a hardened carnivore to contend with.

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