Monday, 13 June 2011

Meal Planning Monday: Vegetably (it's a word) goodness

Well that was a week and a half. Who knew that the meds you were prescribed could make you iller? Oh, everyone else did? Great. You'll doubtlessly be pleased to hear that I'm back in the pantry, slightly bruised, slightly tender of head but feeling much better for the first time since pretty much Easter.

That said, for the most part we had a successful week in the pantry. Leftovers have been frozen for another day, overripe pears are begging to be eaten, but all of that aside not too bad.

The pasta bake was lovely, I layered it up with mozzarella in the middle as well as on top which made a difference, and it was fantastically gooey. My only error was in adding the dreaded aubergine. Nope, not happening. Riverford, can you hear me? NO MORE AUBERGINES. Ahem.

Once again the salmon and greens went by the wayside as I ended up in hospital with a shocker of a migraine. This week. I promise. Guides honour.

Steak and wedges didn't happen as because of the migraine I was whisked away to Mark's family to basically convalesce - do people do that any more? So we were treated to someone else's home cooking which was lovely.

This week, I'm hoping to combine lots of the vegetables from my box, with some recipe testing for Helen at Fuss Free Flavours, so with any luck it'll be a nicely frugal week as well as a healthy one.

Monday: Tonight was supposed to be freezer surprise, but alas I didn't manage to remove anything from the freezer to surprise myself with. If it were just me, I would court contraversy and have toast, but I suspect someone wouldn't agree with that so it'll be Pantry pasta. If I have time, I think I'll make Fuss Free Flavours' Harissa Lentil Salad for my packed lunches as the low GI of lentils plus the increased veg intake makes it a winner in my eyes for a healthy lunch that isn't sarnies.

Tuesday: Guides tonight, so I think some soup for me, with some of last week's wholemeal bread (defrosted - the heel that was left is suitable for flinging at enemies now).

Wednesday: Salmon and Greens. I shall say nothing else. Apart from today is the Milk Bread day.

Thursday: Leftover salmon and greens. Yes, honestly.

Friday: Fuss Free Flavours' Spicy Tomato Lentils with Cabbage, with additional sausages for the carnivore.

Saturday: Now this weekend is going to be glorious, M is working and at his parents, so I am planning on getting my nails done, heading into town, going to Dress Circle to pick up the new Musical Theatre magazine, and then having a potter. I've heard a lot about the Nordic Bakery so am cultivating a plan for coffee and a cake there I think. It's such a treat a day where you have no one to please but yourself isn't it?

Sunday: I'm not sure really, possibly a chicken. Stop yawning at the back there please, I know. Or lamb, maybe. Or maybe I'll go wild and experiement with something from a cookbook. Who knows, it's living life on the edge.

Be sure to pop over to At Home with Mrs M to see what everyone else is up to this week.

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Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours said...

Hope you are enjoying my recipes. So many thanks for testing for me!


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