Monday, 6 June 2011

Meal planning Monday: Awaiting inspiration

Well, heaven knows how it's got to be that time again, and I haven't been to Sainsburys since before my last post. There is method in my madness however, my first Riverford delivery is coming tomorrow, and as I'm by myself this week I'll be mainly veggie I expect so I am awaiting inspiration from said veg box for what I'll be cooking. It's thrown me out of routine slightly, so tonight will be freezer surprise, and then hopefully tomorrow onwards should be easier.

Last week was fairly successful in the pantry, I ended up making a chicken and vegetable soup instead of the planned pie, as I just wasn't in the mood for a pie (read not in the mood as throwing up lots). The leftovers of that are now in the freezer, and I had 3 languishing courgettes in the veg tray, so courgetti spaghetti was made instead of the salmon.

The weekend was really good actually, I made the Barefoot Contessa's chicken salad, a variation on the famous Good Housekeeping sticky sausages and Nigella's banana bread for a picnic on Saturday, and had leftovers last night and today. I haven't blogged the salad yet, but will definitely be making it again so expect to see it up here soon.

This week, is term time again, so Tuesday and Thursday I'll be out, which always poses a problem for me. I love my volunteering but it really is too late for me to eat when I get back home. Some weeks I manage to eat a meal at lunchtime, and others I just end up skipping - which is not great for my health and wellbeing. Solutions to this problem gratefully received. I've planned for these nights, but it's always a bit hit and miss.

I've got a loaf of bread proving at the moment, for something I'm planning on starting on the blog. Watch this space - and while you're reading have you entered the giveaway for £50 voucher for Kitchen Stools Direct? If not, why not and please do!

So, this week...

Monday: Freezer surprise - Mexican chicken (a fancy name for enchilada filling) with soured cream, salad and a tortilla.

Tuesday: Pasta bake (I've got the fridge bottom pasta sauce out to defrost) and some lovely mozzarella to put with.

Wednesday: Leftover pasta bake

Thursday: Salmon and greens (No, really!)

Friday: Steak and wedges

Saturday: I've got some mince in the freezer so Mark has a choice of one of my 1001 ways with mince, I'm hoping he chooses chilli because I want to use up the polenta to make cornbread.

For more inspiration, pop over to At Home with Mrs M for all the links to the other meal planners.

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Mrs M said...

Thanks for joining in, I'm still trying to find my inspiration!


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