Friday, 3 June 2011

Empty chairs at empty tables: Where do you eat?

This is a very exciting post. My first ever giveaway, in association with Kitchen Stools Direct - a £50 voucher to spend on the product of your choice from their website. I'm genuinely excited at the prospect of there being an actual prize for someone reading my blog, and that prize is, Statistically speaking you have very good chances of winning if you're reading. Although you do need to comment, and again, statistically speaking if only my regular commenters comment then you'll probably win. Confused? I hope not.

Anyway, enough burbling - exciting though the giveaway is - the prospect of it prompted me to think about where we eat.  When I take the Brownies away I'm always a little bit surprised that so few of them eat at the table at home, and so struggle to lay a table, use a knife and fork properly, or are used to chatting over a meal. Similarly the Guides (with a few noteable exceptions) mainly report that they eat on their laps. I say this, not from a place of judgement as Mark and I have just happily scoffed chinese takeaway from our laps whilst sitting in the conservatory and neither our relationship nor our capacity for communication seem to have deteriorated in any way, shape or form because of that aberration. However for the children, they don't seem used to communicating during meals, and one of the things as leaders we notice that they enjoy on Pack Holiday is that time to chat about their days, what they're enjoying, and very importantly what they're worried about. It seems that the combination of a meal at a table, and a pair of listening ears prompts even the most reticent person to open up.

Having recently just moved house into my first ever place of my own, one of the things that was most important to me was making sure that I had somewhere to sit and eat. A trip to Wilkinsons provided a table, which as you can see is fetchingly covered by some Cath Kidston oilcloth I got on sale some years ago. I always try to have flowers in the jug, and to keep the table clear from clutter. It's my space of a morning to listen to Chris Evans while I munch on yoghurt and fruit, to plan the term of Guides or Brownies with the other leaders, to sit with Mark and chat about our days, our jobs, our holidays, our plans for the future. It's very special to me, and a very important part of my home. I'm not suggesting that a table rather than a lap tray is the solution to all the world's problems, but I do think it's not a bad thing in life to aim or aspire for.

Having lived in flatshares for many years now, I know all to well the frustration of not having room for a table, and I think kitchen stools against a worktop can provide that inbetween solution when you don't have the space. As a child I remember having stools at the counter and loved clambering up to eat my cereal.

I think if I were entering I would choose the 50's Diner stool as it fits with the slightly retro feel of my teeny flat of wondrousness, up against the countertop it would provide a fantastic spot for breakfasts or dinners.

 So, how can you win your £50 voucher?

Well there there are 4 ways to enter the contest (numbers 1 & 2 are mandatory). Each way earns you  another spot in the contest:

1. Follow this blog and comment telling me where you eat your meals.
2. Like us on facebook:
3.  Find the product you love the most on our site and leave a facebook comment on the product page (bottom area) writing 1 thing you like most about that product. For example " I love the comfortable seat this bar stool has"
4. Visit the Kitchen Stools Direct homepage. Find the Facebook Share button on the side and share our website on your facebook.

Closing Date is Friday 17th June 2011 at midnight. Winners will be picked at random.

A comment must be left on this blog to let me each way you have entered. Good Luck!


Millsee85 said...

I think I've done all 4? I'm not so sure i'm just confused but you know it doesn't take much :S

I do love your blogs though, that doesn't confuse me :)

mellysocks said...

Hmm,I know it's very naughty but at home I eat in front of the Tv because I find it more comfortable sitting in my comfy chair!My boys eat off their own Tv tables-they are very old and I have threatened to throw them out several times but I'm not allowed (The tables that is,not my boys!LOL)

@GrannysSecrets said...

I love nothing better than eating in my tiny back garden full of flowers. When its too cold we always eat and chat in the kitchen, except if I have had too much wine the night before, then its sofa!

Rosepearl said...

I am following your blog and we eat our meals at a tiny fold down table which was fine when it was just the two of us, but really need to get bigger one now there's 4 of us! I have also liked kitchen stools direct on FB, and commented on a gorgeous kitchen stool that was white with chrome arms, lovely! And I have shared it too. And I've shared your tweet, I'm sure my friends would love to enter too!

Mark said...

When it is nice and sunny, then definitely out in the garden. I'm just waiting for the squirrel to mug me for my dinner.
If I'm by myself, I eat in the conservatory, but if it is Sunday lunch with company then it feels wrong unless I'm sat to the table?

Kat said...

I eat at our kitchen table most of time but if I can't be bothered to do the washing up I eat off the chopping baord I used in the kitchen! Slovely student ways.... And I think I've done all 4 but may have had a dumb moment and not completed it properly ;)

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Samantha said...

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