Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Drink, drink, Drink some port wine with me: Drink, Shop, Do.

I heard about Drink, Shop Do around a year ago (I know this as I was looking for somewhere to go for my second date with Mark) and have been developing a hankering to go, drink cocktails and eat cake whilst knitting. Because, y'know I can do all those things. At once. Actually, I think I probably can? And who knows what that says about me.

A few times through the year I've planned to go with a friend (Jennifer, I'm looking at you) but the fates have conspired against us. Luckily Ruth and I didn't suffer the same fate. Cake and cocktails were awaiting us on our arrival (I say that like we are people that Drink, Shop Do should have known were coming. We aren't) Arriving at the shop? bar? sadly on an evening when no crafts were planned we declared the combination of cake and cocktails to be perfect. On a wet and cold Monday evening what more can you ask for? Two cocktails?

The inside of Drink, Shop Do is decked out beautifully in a combination of eclectic and kitsch homewares, ornaments and quite randomly - paper aeroplanes. I was very taken by some 60's milk bottles on the shelves above my head - taken and at once terrified that I would stand up and smash the lot. Well my reputation for clumsiness does preceed me. Fortunately I didn't, and the space was so relaxing that I stopped worrying quite quickly. After all, did someone mention cocktails?

Being an absolute sucker for windows I have to just say that the building is such a shock, walking through the front part and upa small flight of stairs up to the most amazingly light, high ceilinged airy room, crammed full of tables, chairs and people. Not what I expected when I walked through the doorway, or from a shop on the Caledonian Road.

Onto the cocktails, Coolers were the name of the game for me, served over crushed ice, with mint, brown sugar and bourbon - these made me feel like I was on holiday somewhere gloriously sunny (and not sheltering from random rainstorms on the Caly Rd) Whilst not being overly sweet and sickly it had a definite kick. Ruth had an espresso martini, something which I always look at longingly but never order as I always think the coffee will be to pervasive. I have to say they're beautiful though, adorned by a circle of coffee beans, we chatted for hours, feeling no pressure to move on, or order anything else.

I have to say that for me Drink, Shop Do is a revelation, the sort of place where I can go purposely for a night of knitting or crochet, but also just to catch up with friends for a drink. As a woman sometimes I just don't want to go to a pub, and this seems to blur the line between independent cafe and bar so that I feel comfortable to sit, drink and chat.

Although my friend and I went in for cocktails, the afternoon teas looked delicious - served in vintage tea cups and pots. Proper tea pots! In central London, thank heavens for sanity. And a quick mention should go to the traybaked cakes - just the sort of thing I make at home and had I not been watching what I eat they would definitely have been an accompaniment to my Cooler.

I would definitely recommend taking in Drink, Shop, Do if you're in the area. I loved it and will be definitely going back to sample afternoon tea - or just cocktails and cake. It's definitely up there as my new favourite place.


Seren said...

What a fabulous idea. I love it, and would definitely give it a go next time I'm in London if I can rally a few like minded girls. Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

My kind of place. Next time I'm in london I'll have to visit.

Pen said...

It is lovely, and would be fab in a group S. Jules, I have to say as I was sat there I did think of you - I bet you would love it!


Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants Ltd said...

A great idea, thank you for sharing. Here at Alexander Hadleigh Wine Merchants Ltd we are passionate about our huge portfolio of wines, fortified wines and spirits and love to hear from readers about their own personal favourites too.


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