Monday, 2 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday: Leftovers rule OK

Last week's meal planning wasn't too bad, I stayed on plan aside from having a takeaway on Wednesday as I couldn't get any fresh fish (cause that's a complete justification!) The slow cooker casserole wasn't great to be honest, I've used the recipe before, here and the slow cooker seemed to take a dimension of it out. Or maybe my tastebuds are weird, or I idealised it in my memory - it could be any of those, I'm still not feeling crash hot.

So onto this week's plan: Ideally I only want to do a shop for fruit, veg and some this week as I have just roasted a chicken so would like to use that up to make the £10 well spent.

I also want to make ratatouille this week, essentially for the freezer, but to use up some veg that is close to turning. Fridge bottom ratatouille as it were.

Monday: Roast chicken and all the trimmings, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, spring greens, broccoli, stuffing and gravy.
Tuesday: Leftover roast chicken and veggies
Wednesday: Leftover pie (last night's tea) a yummy Pieminster one that I only managed half of - chicken of aragon - so again with veggies.
(Note to self - strip chicken of meat and make stock)
Thursday: Chicken and mushroom risotto
(Also make soup for freezer)
Friday: Tarragon chicken - I'll blog it this time I promise - with veggies

I need to stick with the meal plan again this week. And no swerving off for snacks or puddings either!

Next time, the cupcakes and the fairy Godmother! Brownies honour


Mrs M said...

That's a whole lot of chicken! Yum!

How do you find the savoury Pieminster pies? I've only tried a sweet one and I didn't like it all, wasn't keen on the pastry. Am thinking I need to try a savoury one.

Pen said...

That is, it's the peril of living practically above the butcher!

I've not tried a sweet one although I saw there was one out for the wedding - this was from Borough market, I introduced M to the chaos that it is on Saturday, and we brought these back. Sainsos has them some times, but I find they're only reasonable value if you stretch them over two meals, otherwise it's £3 each plus veggies for an evening meal.


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