Monday, 30 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday:

Well after last week's slightly late post, I have to confess that I didn't stay on plan all week. I know, I know! Things shall rain down on me, I am very sorry. However, in my defence I would like to explain further (m'lud)... as usual, I advertised the new post on my facebook, and a schoolfriend replied to me thusly:

There I was, thinking I had everything planned out for the week, when I suddenly thought I should look at the vegetable drawer, and discovered one full of peppers, onions and salad (leftovers from Guide camp) Dammit. I hadn't accounted for these so, the original plan for chicken kebabs was shelved and a big serving of enchiladas was on the cards. After schooling M in the differences between Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajitas and wraps we used up lots of the above ingredients, and because he is a confirmed meat eater I even added some chicken. And substituted the cheddar for some cream cheese I had lying around. Because you can with that kind of recipe. And it was lovely.

Aside from that I was plagued on Friday by the refusal from a tupperware container of risotto to defrost. Now, not being in possession of a microwave is rarely something I find problematic (I end up just using them to heat up milk) apart from when blessed with a rogue tub of risotto. So that ended up being Saturday's tea, with salad and we had takeaway on Friday. All in all that makes last week not incredibly successful. Mind you I had my first migraine without being hospitalised on Wednesday which is a result I think.

So this week - what does it have in store? Well it's half term, so I have a reprieve from the Brownies and Guides, and my daily walk has been going well so I think I'm going to try a swim this week. I don't know if I've explained but my health has been so rotten since? November I think, that my fitness has gone completely by the wayside, and I'm building up really slowly. I'm hoping that when I'm back walking regularly and swimming I'll see a positive impact on my health but at the moment slow and steady is the key. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, what does this week have in store, well not much really which hopefully means something more restful than usual.

Monday: Roast chicken at lunchtime
Tuesday: Leftover chicken and vegetables
Wednesday: Chicken & leek pie (also stock for the freezer)
Thursday: Salmon and greens
Friday: Sausages with wedges and salad

I've got some smoked salmon when the roast chicken runs out for salad lunches, and some fresh horseradish to grate with, and breakfasts will be Total Greek Yoghurt with rhubarb compote and a sprinkling of museli.

I'm going to blog the Salmon and greens, but everything else is part of One chicken many ways (badge and meme - is that the word? - forthcoming)

Next weekend we're away on Saturday, and back on Sunday, so I'm not sure when I'll shop. I've been reading my Thirty Minute Meals book today though while Mark was watching cars zoom round a track, so am thinking about picking a recipe from that each week for a bit.

Why not share your meal plan, either in the comments below or over at Mrs M's blog

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Mrs M said...

Sounds lovely!

I like the sound of "One chicken many ways"!


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