Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Meal Planning Monday: Or Tuesday even

Yes I know, I'm late. Yesterday was my first day back at work, and I came home and slept pretty much all evening, completely exhausted by the combination of commute and cognitive thinking. I knew what I wanted to blog put couldn't even string the words together so Mark could do it for me. As it was, I managed to make a meal, clean the kitchen, and shower in between a nap and going to bed. I didn't even watch Glee! I know!

Last week's Meal planning was really helpful, I'm finding thinking through the evening meals really helpful in actually making sure I eat (which if you were to see me, you would not imagine to be a problem, but because of my health tiredness can mean that I frequently opt for the toast, marmite and lots of biscuits option) and also means I don't need to think the shopping through as much.

This week, is a quiet week, as I've gone back to work I'm trying to make life easy on myself. Mark is with me most of the week so despite it being National Vegetarian week I will be cooking meat.

Monday: Sausages, baked butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots and spring greens

Tuesday: Courgetti spaghetti (recipe to be blogged this week, but it's a long term favourite)

Wednesday: Chicken, pepper and onion kebabs with salad

Thursday: (from the freezer) the final portion of chicken and mushroom risotto

Friday: Home made veggie pizza

Again I'm leaning towards the healthier end of the spectrum, with a bit of a treat on Friday. Packed lunches are mainly salad based with ham or cheese as my protein (just because that's what's in the fridge, I wasn't feeling very inventive when I pottered around Sainsbury's) I think as I'm going to be in on Friday night I'm going to do an online shop - I'm not sure between Sainsburys and Ocado, so any recommendations would be great. Then I can just go to the butcher's on Saturday morning.

This weekend we're not sure what we're up to, no volunteering, no organised activities, so I need to think about what we're cooking - I'll probably do a roast on Sunday or Monday, and depending on how I'm' feeling might get the griddle out and do steak on Saturday.

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Mrs M said...

I am loving the name "Corgetti Spaghetti"! Thanks for joining in, some lovely sounding meals!


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