Friday, 25 March 2011

Toot sweets! Toot sweets!

The eatable tweatable treat!

Although in this day and age I feel like it should be Tweetable instead.

This is really part 2 of the post about our holiday where I stop being sanctimonious about taking pictures whilst we eat and not only  do I post pictures of one meal but two. Well meal is exaggerating a bit. It's pudding. Pudding in the most glorious (sadly quite overlooked by other tourists) Gelateria that we found in Playa Blanca. Hand made piles of pillowy, soft, melting, unctuous ice cream (and some frozen yoghurt just to balance the equation. Of course I didn't try them, looking just made me feel healthier). Flavours included dulche de leche, nutella, rasberry, creamy vanilla and an amazing chocolate. Options included sundaes, but the lure of a simple cornet was too much for us to bear.

Nutella and chocolate (this was mine) 

Dulche de leche and white chocolate

Just as an aside, I can't type or say Dulche de Leche without thinking of Guys and Dolls. For years I longed to play Sarah Brown, loving her role and songs, and for a while "If I were a bell" was one of the pieces I dragged out for auditions, never realising that she was hammered whilst singing. I would actually like to try whatever it is she drinks in Havana, just to say I have.

Now whilst we were away Shrove Tuesday took place. I was distraught at the prospect of no pancakes so was thrilled to find crepes on the menu at my new favourite gelateria. Initially I had planned to make pancakes in our mini kitchen at the hotel, but as a toasted sandwich had set fire alarms off left, right and centre the night before I wimped out and we pottered down to Playa Blanca. It would have been faster, but I slowed us down with the aid of my trusty stick.

It's here I have to make a confession. On this holiday I became slightly obsessed with... Nutella. No Supermarket chocolate spread for me, Nutella is all that will do. Dear Lord I love the stuff. And would quite happily eat it with every meal. Suggestions for how to become unobsessed with Nutella are welcomed as at the moment I'm rationing myself to it on a slice of bread on the nights I get in too late for dinner, or if I'm too slow in the morning instead of breakfast.

Here is my Nutella pancake, and Mark's slightly classier caramel crepe. His quote "yum!"

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