Monday, 6 September 2010

Enchiladas. Definitely enchiladas.

Just a quick post from me today - I have a mammoth one on an afternoon tea party I catered recently in the offing, but am waiting on other people's photos as I was quite literally up to my elbows in cake mix for the best part of 2 days.

Anyway, Jess of Dreaming Wide Awake tried her enchiladas from the last post... we tweeted through the process, as I panicked briefly about having forgotten to include garlic in the recipe and Jess kept me updated as to her progress. It was very exciting, a kind of mini cook-athon if you will. Anyway, here are pictures of her salsa and the finished enchiladas themselves.


Unknown said...

Looks lovely, you've got me craving them now! I often put some refried beans in mine too.

Penelope said...

Ooh have you got a recipe for those - I've only tried to make them acouple of times and the resounding review was... grey. It would be nice to improve on that!

Unknown said...

I have to say they look utterly delicious! I could eat one of those right this second!

Kim Hood said...

Jess was so chuffed with these she sent the photos to us in an e-mail and has promised to cook them for us sometime. We are looking forward to that!


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