Monday, 27 April 2009

Memories... like the corners of my mind

Nope not covered in cobwebs and remnants of an oft forgotten A Level in History... but of my birthday weekend. I know I promised to blog the menu from Morston Hall, but since the computer crash I've managed to mislay the CD for my digital camera, so there's a serious lag in blog postage. That said... there's one to come on sushi, another bread one, and some on some backwoods cooking I've been doing with the Guides.

Morston Hall menu Sunday, 15th February 2009

Lasagne of wild mushrooms with tomato fondue and truffle foam


Pan fried skate wing on shellfish risotto cake with tarragon beurre blanc


Roast Breast of Gressingham Duck with roasted spiced pineapple, bashed potatoes, etuvee cabbage, roasted carrots and spiced duck jus


Chilled Vanilla cheesecake with blood orange sorbet



Selection of cheeses with homemade biscuits, quince jelly and spelt bring


Coffee and Petit Fours

I didn't have the duck as I'm not actually a fan (does that make me a bad foodie I often wonder) but had a saddle (I think) of lamb with the same sides save for the pineapple - phew!

Overall I loved the meal, it was very very rich, but wonderful, oddly enough the biggest hit of the night for me were the skate wing ad the blood orange sorbet. I would gladly march over hot coals to eat those again. Whilst the other courses could not be faulted and tasted wonderful, I sort of started to feel a bit overloaded, all my senses bombarded with tastes and smells. And I didn't really enjoy wine with the meal as again it was a case of too much. Which sort of means my dreams of Heston (no, not those type of dreams) may be out of the window as I run the risk of death by tasting menu!

Morston Hall is definitely the ideal place for a romantic weekend away, and I hope to go back again. The walks, the fires, the dog friendly policy and the breakfasts alone make it outstanding... add to that the Dinner menu and really - it's just stunning.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely! Good to see you back too :)


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